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  • No. 22 MERKAVA SIMAN 1
    Merkava Mk.1 in IDF Service - Part 2

  • 35006 MERKAVA 4/4M Update set (for Meng Merkava Mk.4M kit) Limited Edition
    - 2 PE frets for the 200 liter barrel support. You build the
    mounting device exactly as it is welded in real, based on IDF drawings !
    - Lots of resin tiny parts for the support.
    - Resin 200 Liter barrel
    - Copper 1.1mm diameter towing cable (Karaya)
    - 2 Turned brass AS-1729VRC antennas
    - Resin 15 parts of antenna bases in bent or 90 deg'
    - Resin updated Commander's map box for the roof.
    - Resin 120mm ammo cannister for the tank's roof.
    - 2 Resin mud scrapers missing in the model.
    - 2 Resin width indicators missing in the model.
    - CD with instructions and many reference photographs related
    to the mini-kit items.

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