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  • Tiran 4, 5 and 6 tanks wrecks
    This is the first volume in the new series on "Israeli armor wrecks and scrapyards" that covers tanks and other armor vehicles in Israeli bases, scrapyards, and museums. Authored by Dr. Robert Manasherob, a world recognized expert on Israeli military vehicles, this first volume contains detailed descriptions of Tiran 4, 5 and 6 tanks and their wrecks after service with IDF and SLA.The photos in this book will allow modelers and tank enthusiasts to observe many details that usually cannot be seen on active service and well-maintained tanks. The wrecks photos are more fascinating since each of the wrecks is unique, with different areas of damage and a lack of components, different color, rust patterns, and remnants of markings.
    Amongst the contents are the following:
    80 pages in full color
    More than 230 color photos
    Dozens of unique and previously unpublished photos
    Walk-around photos
    Details of Tiran 4 and Tiran 5 with original 100 mm Russian D-10 gun, Tiran 5 with 105 mm "Shrir" gun, Tiran 5 with reactive armor, wrecks and cannibalized Tiran 5, Tiran 6 and etc.
    Suspension detail photos
    Interior detail photos
    Engine compartment detail photos
    SabInga Martin Publications
See the SabInga Martin Publications website for full details

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