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1:35 Scale unless otherwise stated
  • UM482 Renault FP artillery and tank transporter
    This strange looking vehicle was made at the end of the Great War to bring French artillery to the front and also be used to transport FT17 so it was one of the first tank transporter of the History. Two versions existed U-Models choose to make the most common earlier and shorter type : the 110 HP Renault FP artillery & tank transporter also known as Renault FB.
    Kit complete in great yellow resin without bubbles and minimum injection pins. Kit 240 parts included photo etched and small copper chains.
  • UM487 WWI Schneider CD artillery tractor conversion set (for Schnedier CA tank by HobbyBoss)
    Conversion for the early type of WWI Schneider tank by HobbyBoss in 1/35 scale to turn it in the WWI artillery tractor Schneider CD.
    Great conversion with high level of details in resin with photo etched parts.
  • UM407 WWI French 155C gun on narrow gauge reinforced late type Péchot Plateform
    Complete kit of the French WWI narrow gauge railway artillery platform with the 155mm gun short version on Péchot bogies
  • UM480 Turtle flying pusher
    Science fiction steam punk flying boat the Turtle Flying Pusher TFP a very funny kit in 1/35 scale in resin
See the U-Model website for full details

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Page Updated July 8, 2017

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