Maybach HL 120
StuG III Engine

Gaso.Line Kit #48024
1:48 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaThere have been a heap of etched and barrel detail sets released for the Tamiya 1:48 kits but this set from Gaso.Line is a major update the StuG III B (Tamiya Kit #32507) which gives you the full engine compartment and Maybach HL 120 engine.

The set consists of 24 parts in light grey resin which is cleanly cast with just the usual casting blocks and some excess resin film to be removed; there are a number of quite small parts which will require care during cleanup and assembly but nothing too difficult.

Before fitting the resin parts you will have to remove some of the metal supports from the inside of the hull and being metal the only way is to use a small Dremel grinder disc or similar power tool, this being one drawback of the metal hull tubs in these kits. The only other alteration to the Tamiya kit will be the removal of the inner ‘tub’ under the left engine access hatch so you will be able to see the detail after assembly.

Once the metal parts are removed there is a well detailed lower floor section which fits snugly in the Tamiya hull and has the engine supports, a couple of torsion bars and other detail including the rear wall, while the front bulkhead is a separate part as is the inner rear bulkhead with the two fans and radiators.

The radiators are excellent castings with the fan blades on one side and radiator grill work on the other and the fan motors and belts are additional separate parts for good detail definition.

On each side of the engine are the fuel tank and large battery with additional smaller detail parts and the Maybach engine is an excellent casting with very good relief on the side engine accessories and top cylinder details included in the casting.

There are many smaller items added to the engine including the top air cleaners and exhaust piping for a very busy and convincing assembly.

The instructions give you a numbered parts layout diagram for easy identification plus eight b&w photos of the set during assembly with the parts called out by number and three colour photos of the assembled engine bay which together give a very good indication where all the parts go.

Despite the work needed removing the internal metal parts from the kit hull this set gives you a very complete engine compartment and detailed Maybach engine which will be easy to see as the two large engine deck doors are separate parts in the Tamiya kit and you can easily remove the two smaller hatches to show of even more of this set.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Three views of Maybach HL 120 and radiators
Alterations required on Tamiya kit metal lower hull

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