Brick Wall, Sand Bag & Barricade Set

1:48 Scale - Kit No.32508
Review by Terry Ashley

This is a simple accessory set for diorama builders with parts in light grey plastic and gives you a selection of wooden and metal barricades of the type seen on the D-Day beaches as well as other locations.

The brick wall sections offer a variety of complete sections, angled sections and end sections that can be put together at any angle to form straight walls or corners and the only comment is they are quite pristine in finish and you might want to roughen up the edges a little with a sharp blade or sanding for a more worn used effect.

The sand bags are all separate so you can put them together in any combination and there are two shapes of bag, one for the lower layers and a slightly different shape for the upper layers of a sand bag wall and again the bags are a little uniform in appearance and adding some damage or wear and tear will add a little more character.

A simple instruction sheet shows the assembly of the barricades and wall sections as well as showing how to make barbed wire from short lengths of electrical cable that can be used to make barbed wire in any scale and should be quite useful.

Overall a simple set for diorama builders in this scale and basically replicates one of the best selling sets in Tamiya’s 1:35 series.



Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 4 March 2005

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