Jerry Can Set

1:48 Scale - Kit No.32510
Review by Terry Ashley

Another diorama or accessory set to go with 1:48 vehicles and can also be used with 1:48 aircraft dioramas.

The set has 184 parts in light grey plastic with very nice crisp details that includes embossing on the Jerry cans and barrel ends as well as well defined details on the packs and bedrolls.

Sprue X has German items with two styles on Jerry cans, 44 gallon drums and some personal packs and bedrolls, the jerry cans are in two halves with separate handles with the drums also in two halves with separate end plates.

Sprue Y has US style items with the same selection of items as with the German parts but of course with the US pattern items.

The jerry cans have engraved details on both sides including some of the distinctive letter embossing found on these with the unique US style can fitting together with just the almost invisible centre seam while the German style cans have the distinctive centre seam when the halves are fitted together with all having separate handles with the three grips.

The 44 gallon drums are finished in pristine condition but it easy enough to add any amount of dents or damage for a used appearance.

The personal equipment and bedrolls have very well defined details and should look excellent when painted up.

The instruction sheets shows the equipment fitted to the Tamiya M4 and Stug III kits as they tend to carry more equipment on the rear deck but of course the items can be used with any available 1:48 kit.

Another simple and well detailed accessory set that will find uses for both Armour and Aircraft builders and is a welcome additional to the 1:48 range.

Highly recommended

Sprue X, Y x 2
Detail Images

Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 4 March 2005

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