German Aircraft Power Supply Unit
& Kettenkraftrad

1:48 Scale - Kit No.32533
First Look by Terry Ashley

This second kit of the Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad in the 1:48 series see the closest crossover between aircraft and armour than any previous 1:48 kit with the inclusion of a Luftwaffe aircraft power unit along with the Kettenkraftrad towing vehicle.

The kit has 90 parts moulded in light grey plastic with the usual high standard of crisp mouldings from Tamiya and has the Kettenkraftrad plus the aircraft power unit as well as two seated Kettenkraftrad crewman and two standing Luftwaffe ground crew.

The Kettenkraftrad:
The Kettenkraftrad has a mixture of features from early and late vehicles such as the early stepped side panels, the flat non slanted instrument panel and lights on the front fenders and with later features such as the filled in side guards on the rear seats, the rounded tail cooler cover and a head light as well as NOTEK light and no towing shackles on the front body above the fenders. Photos of Kettenrkads do exist with a combination of these features and the kit probably best represents a mid production vehicle so it’s best to check references on the vehicle you are building.

The breakdown of the kit is fairly simple with a lower hull panel having a rudimentary gearbox included with the two separate side panels attached along with the hull top panel incorporating the side sponsons, instrument panel, driver’s seat, engine cover (with solid screens) and rear troop set with separate backrest.

No driver’s gear levers are provided but the front forks are in five parts with quite nice details while the front wheel isn’t steerable after assembly.

The suspension units have the drive sprocket, centre two road wheels, idler wheel and track moulded as one part with the details quite well defined except for the track pads being a bit basic but is probably acceptable in this scale. Separate inner and outer road wheels with nice stamping details but are flat although with no dishing of the wheels which would be only minor in this scale but would have been nice to see and the completed suspension units attach directly to the hull sides.

There are two seated driver figures included, one with both hands on the steering bars and one in a more relaxed pose with one hand resting on the side sponson.  

The aircraft power unit:
This is a nicely detailed little unit with main chassis frame and separate axles and wheels with the upper cart having a five part generator fitted to the cart and a separate cover that can be attached in alternate positions when using the battery or generator to power up the aircraft.

A short length of vinyl cable is included for the power lead from the cart to the aircraft and this can be shown coiled up in the cart when not is use plus a separate fire extinguisher bottle attached to the front of the cart.

Also included in the set is an aircraft towing bar that can be used with the Kettenkraftrad along with a tool box and two fuel drums in four parts each plus a hand fuel pump to attach to the barrels if required.

The two standing ground crew has one working the power lever on the cart and the other attaching the power connection to an aircraft.

The small decal sheet has fuel markings for the drums and a few small data panels but no actual markings for the Kettenkraftrad.

Decal sheet

The Sprues
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For the small scale this is a nicely detailed kit and if you didn’t pick up the earlier Kettenkraftrad kit this is a good opportunity but the kit will probably be of more interest to aircraft modellers.


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kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2
Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

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