bookModeler's Guide to the
Tiger Tank
A complete and comprehensive guide to modelling the Tiger I and Tiger II in 1/35th scale

By Patrick A. Stansell
172 pages soft cover.

Military Miniatures in Review.
Ampersand Publishing.
235 N.E.6th Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida 33483

Review by Terry Ashley

This latest modeller’s guide from the people at MMIR is the long awaited volume on the Tiger I and II and it has been well worth the wait.

The book is packed with detailed drawings of the Tiger during it production life, in action photos and descriptive text as well as the construction of 13 models to illustrate the development progression.

The book is broken into sections and after a brief introduction we have the first chapter;

The Tiger Tank: A Historical Perspective: By Bruce Culver (pages 3 to 20)
This has detailed text of the development and production of the Tiger I and II complimented with many wartime photos of the different Tiger types from its introduction in 1942 through to 1945.

The Tiger I Tank Described: (pages 21 to 54)
This section has a wealth of detailed drawings and plan view diagrams showing the many small detail changes incorporated into the different Tiger I production models during its life.
This include overhead plan views of the hull top layout and side hull progression, these are complimented with close-up photos of many small features of the hulls and captioned text listing all the changes shown.

Every part of the hull is shown in detailed diagrams showing the changes again accompanied by detailed text and close-up photos, these include the Final drive details, mudguard changes, engine deck intake grate and engine access door progression, rear hull and exhaust configurations and many small details such as gun travel lock details, rear starter guide plates and S-Mine launchers.

The drive sprockets, road wheels and track are next covered in the same manner with drawings, text and photos showing the progressive changes.

Finally the turret configurations are detailed showing the subtle changes included again through the use of diagrams, photos and text. These include the smoke discharged details, gun and mantlet details showing the many manufacturing variations, loaders and escape hatch details, ventilator differences and the turret stowage bin progression.

The Tiger II Tank Described: (pages 55 to 66)
This section is set out the same as for the Tiger I with detailed drawings, text and close-up photos to describe the Tiger II details.

Colour model gallery: (pages 67 to 93)
The 13 models featured in the book are:

Each model is featured in a two page spread each showing the finished models in all their glory as well as five pages with detailed how to guides used on the models during construction such as painting and weathering, general construction notes, tools and texturing which includes a brief tutorial on making etched hinges and tool clips included in various etched sets from ABER, Eduard etc. and finally a brief guide on applying zimmerit.

Construction diary: (pages 99 to 158)
This is the largest chapter in the book and is a detailed coverage of each models construction with between three to seven pages devoted to each model with detailed close-up shots of the model during construction concentration of the different features of each model plus detailed text describing the construction with many of the techniques shown applicable to any model.
The construction sequences could also be used as guide to build your own models and will prove invaluable, with many of the models using various aftermarket update and detail sets as well as basic scratch building techniques.

Tiger Resources: (pages 159 to 167)
This section lists every available Tiger I and II kit and update/accessory set available at the time of printing and is a great resource for finding that detail set you have always been looking for. This includes full kits, update/accessory sets, conversion sets and decal sheets with each listing giving a brief description of the item as well as contact details of each manufacturer and some major shops around the world where you can find most of the items listed.

Bibliography: (pages 168 to 171)
Another valuable listing of every book available devoted to the Tiger I and II at the time of printing that again will be very useful in locating that elusive (or not so) reference book, each listing has a brief description of the books contents.

And lastly there is a full list of known Tiger chassis numbers with production dates and disposition.

Simply a superb modellers guide on the Tiger I and Tiger II that like other MMIR modellers guides will be indispensable for the modeller and even if you have only a passing interest in the Tiger then this book should be essential buying but be quick as it is bound to become a collectors item.

Highly recommended.

Page created 25 April 2004

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