bookAutoblindo AB41 & AB43
Photo File No 1
By Alessandro Bruschi
Published by Auriga Publishing International SRL, Genova, Italy
ISBN 88-88711-16-3
A5 landscape approx 100 pages

Review by Peter Brown

Anyone modelling the Italian AB41 armoured car from the Italeri 1:35 kit (No.6442) find this photo study very useful as it covers several preserved vehicles in great detail.

There is a short introduction giving the vehicle's history and development in Italian and English, but most of the coverage is colour photos again with dual-language captions of Italian and English. It covers both the AB41 and the later AB43 with lower turret and various detail changes.

Five vehicles are shown outside and in -
  • AB41 preserved by the Savoia Cavelleria Regiment with 35 photos
  • AB41 in a private collection in southern France with 66 photos,
  • AB43 with no location given with 34 photos
  • AB43 in San Marino covered in 12 photos
  • AB43 in Rome modificatied post-war to be used on rails each though sadly not showing the rail wheels

Four-view 1:35 plans are included of both versions, and 14 colour profile side views of vehicles in Italian and German service, all but one of AB41.

Coverage is about as good as you could want for any model, though the layout vehicle by vehicle will mean some turning of pages back and forth though that is no real drawback.

Sample pages

Thanks to Justin at Bookworld Wholesale for sending me a review copy.
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