bookBritish Tanks of WWII
(1) France & Belgium 1944

by David Fletcher
Concord Publications Co.
'Armour at War Series' No. 7027
ISBN 962-361-650-3.

As the name suggests, this book covers British tanks from D-Day through to the advances into Belgium in September '44.

It's 72 pages start with some of the large exercises undertaken in preparation for the D-day landings, to the landings themselves and then the advances through France and Belgium, this book is a treasure chest of superb photographs of British armour in action. A few photos of Canadian armour is also included. Some of the photos have been seen in other publications but the majority are newly published. No single vehicle dominates the photos, the author has done well in selecting a diverse selection of subjects.

The tanks of 79th Armoured Division and RMSG are all there amongst the Cromwells, Shermans, Churchills, Universal Carriers and the many softskin and support vehicles of the British Divisions. One photo in particular is an excellent clear front on shot of "Fox" the Sherman command tank of the RMSG, showing clearly the degree markings around the turret. This should answer a number of questions regarding this particular vehicle.

Quite simply this a brilliant collection of photos to satisfy any modeller of British kit and anyone interested in Allied armour.
As well as showing the vehicles, there are some wonderful diorama possibilities among the many photos in this book.

A must have reference.

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