bookUS Amtracs and Amphibians
at War 1941-45

by Steven Zaloga & George Balin
Concord Publications Co.
'Armour at War Series' No. 7032
ISBN 962-361-655-4
72 pages, 188 b/w photos, 16 color plates

This is a subject that hasn't had a lot of coverage in print. This book will fill a large void.

The vehicles covered include the LVT-1, LVT-2, LVT(A)-1, 2 and 4 plus the British Buffalo IV.
Brief mentions are made of the DUKW, Ford GPA "Seep", DD Shermans at D-Day and the M29C Weasel.

Apart from the first four pages of text outlining the development and operational use of Amphibians the entire book is made up of in-action type photos, all in b&w with 8 pages of colour profile drawings in the centre pages.

The LVT(A)-4 and Buffalo IV take up the majority of the photo coverage as you would expect, the DUKW also gets 9 pages.
As mentioned all the photos are in-action and there are no interior shots apart from a few overhead shots that give glimpses of the insides.
Equal coverage is given to the operations in NW Europe and the Pacific campaigns, there are a couple of photos of Japanese Type 2 Ka-mi amphibian tank used in on Leyte in 1944.

If you are after close-up details of the vehicles, then this book will disappoint. The major bonus of this book are the many diorama possibilities contained in the photos and also the vast array of gear and variation in fittings of the different vehicles.
Also, as with other Concord books it gives a good overall coverage of the vehicles is action

A good general reference for the subject.

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