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Technical Manual CD-ROM
TM 9-772, Weasel

Easy 1 Productions #T026
Review by Terry Ashley

This CD contains two manuals covering the early experimental T24 model (209 pages) and the standard M29 (323 pages). Also included are 30 photos of restored Weasels at various locations.

As with all these CDs the detail images contained cover every aspect of the Weasel and are an indispensable to anyone wanting information on the vehicles.

The CD also contains a small slide show program for viewing the images which when started (by double clicking the slideshow.exe file) displays the images full screen with controls to automatically run the slideshow or manually advance the images.

Sample images from the CD (Note; these are reduced in size from those on the CD)

Easy 1 ProductionsEasy 1 Productions
Easy 1 ProductionsEasy 1 Productions

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