Monograph "Stug III"
By Joaquín García Gázquez
Acción Press/EuroModelismo
104 pages soft cover
ISBN 84-95464-40-3

Review by Terry Ashley

From the publishers of EuroModelismo comes this volume dealing entirely with the Stug III, its development shown in real photos and in model form to produce an extensive reference on the vehicle.

The book is entirely in colour (except for wartime photos) and is broken in to the following chapters;

Introduction by Tony Greenland (pages 2 to 3)
This gives a brief introduction to the book and what to expect in the coming pages.

Sturmartillerie, Creation and Development (pages 4 to 7)
This deals with the events leading to the creation of the Stug type and also includes colour plates with every emblem for the many units that used the Stug III during WWII.

Sturmgeschütze, Different Models. (pages 8 to 19)
Using many wartime photos this section chronicles the development of the StuG III from the Ausf.A through to the Ausf.G as well as the many variations on each type.

Camouflage Patterns. (pages 20 to 27)
Using numerous colour side profile illustrations the development of the vehicle camouflage is described and also includes a colour chart with all the major RAL 840R used during WWII shown giving the colour name and RAL number.

Sturmartilleristen, Uniforms. (pages 28 to 35)
The uniforms worn by StuG crews is detailed in this section with a few wartime photos as well as colour illustrations of the rank insignia worn with a preserved uniform worn on a live ‘model’ which gives excellent details of the colours and uniform details.

Painting Techniques. (pages 36 to 43)
This section explains the different painting techniques used in the building of the various models to follow as well as a detailed step by step illustrated guide on painting a typical crew figure.

The next chapters deal with the seven models featured in the book that range from Ausf.A to the Ausf.G and highlight well the different features of each.
Each model has many detailed photos of the kit during construction showing the many details added using aftermarket etched sets, track sets, metal barrels plus additional scratched details such as weld seams and other details from plastic card and wire etc. As well as the in-progress shots there are also photos of the finished models with overall and detailed shots to fully show the details as well as the varying camouflage schemes and weathering techniques used for the finished models.
Detailed text accompanies each model to fully compliment the many detailed photos and each model is shown in a small diorama base with the inclusion of one or two figures for nicely presented models which should provide a lot of interesting and useful ideas.

StuG. III Ausf.A, 16.Sturmbatterie “Grossdeutschland” France, May 1940
By Andrés M. Bernal Martínez (pages 44 to 51)
The Dragon StuG III Ausf.A (kit 9031) with the inclusion of ABER etched sets, Friulmodel tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel plus additional detail items.

StuG. III Ausf.D, StuG.Abt.287. Caucasus, Southern Russia, September-October, 1942
by Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo (pages 52 to 61)
The Dragon StuG III Ausf.C/D (kit 6009) with ABER etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel and ModelKasten drive sprockets plus Verlinden, Tamiya and Precision Models accessories.

StuG. III Ausf.F, StuG.Abt. “Grossdeutschland” Voronez, Soviet Union, June 1942
By Joaquín García Gázquez (pages 62 to 71)
The Dragon StuG III Ausf.F (kit 6033) with ABER etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel plus additional detail items from Tamiya, Elefant, ModelKasten and Verlinden.

StuG. III Ausf.F/8, Unidentified unit, Italy, September 1943
By Andrés M. Bernal Martínez, Painting and text by Joaquín García Gázquez (pages 72 to 79)
The Gunze Sangyo Sturmgeschütz 40 Ausf.F/8 with the addition of Eduard etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and additional items from Tamiya and ModelKasten.

StuG. III Ausf.G Frühe Produktion, Unidentified unit, Eastern Front, January 1945
By Joaquín García Gázquez (pages 80 to 87)
The Tamiya Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G Frühe version (kit 35197) with the addition of ABER etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel with additional item from ModelKasten.

StuG. III Ausf.C mit L/48. Unidentified unit, Eastern Front, 1945
By Joaquín García Gázquez (pages 88 to 95)
The Dragon StuG III Ausf.C Stuk.40 L/48 (kit 9035) with ABER etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and Jordi Rubio barrel with additional items from Tamiya and Elefant.

StuG. III Ausf.G Späte, Unidentified unit, Konigsberg, April 1945
By Joaquín García Gázquez (pages 96 to 104)
The Tamiya Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G Frühe version (kit 35197) plus ABER etched parts, Friulmodel tracks and additional items from Elefant and Hornet.

Overall an excellent publication with comprehensive history, unit information, camouflage schemes as well as the well finished and detailed models that will provide many useful tips for building your own models.
If you are interested in the StuG III then this book will prove invaluable and a must have reference.

Highly recommended.

euromodelismo books are distrubuted in the UK by Historex Agents, while the North American Edition "Armor Models" is distributed by Squadron Mail Order as well as from good hobby shops.

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