book Ground Power Magazine #67 12/1999
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issue has five major sections, each packed with excellent photos.

The first is an interesting photo essay of the Panther Tank in action. A large proportion is of disabled tanks. There aren't any close up stuff, but the many photos in the field offer diorama potential. There are also four pages of side profile colour drawings showing some different cam schemes.

The second section covers German 6 wheeled armoured cars of WWII. From early prototypes it features a selection of excellent photos and line drawings showing in detail various parts of the different vehicles. Covered are the SdKfz.231, 232, and 236. Most of the photos are again wartime action type shots.

Following this is a brilliant 14-page section on the 2cm Flak30. All photos are extreme close ups of a preserved museum Flak30 and covers in great detail every aspect of the gun. Super stuff.

Next is the third in the series on the GMC 6x6 "Jimmy". This part covers many of the specialised vehicles built on the GMC chassis. These include the Mobile Workshop, Dump Truck, Water and Fuel Tankers and Breakdown Truck. Each has a few nice photos and some line drawings of detail bits. Finally another 14 pages are devoted to the DUKW353. Excellent wartime photos and line drawings give a good overall coverage of the DUKW.

Lastly is the continuation of the German Army Uniforms series. A series of good wartime photos of troops from different theatres and dates offer a further look at the varied German uniforms of WWII.

Another brilliant issue of this great armour reference magazine.

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