book Ground Power Magazine #80 - 1/2001
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issue is made up of two large sections.

The first 97 pages covers British Armoured Units of WWII (1).
This covers the early years, pre war, battles of France and North Africa with the odd later war photo thrown in. It is broken up with each unit having a brief text description (pity I can't read Japanese?) and photos to accompany this text. The photos concentrate on the armoured vehicles (tracked and wheeled only), but there is the occasional nice tank transporter shot included. A separate section also covers the two campaigns mentioned above. All the photos are in-action shots, unfortunately many of the North African shots have appeared many times before. The opening four pages have coloured photos early war Valentines, Churchills, Cruiser Mk.IV's. Plans in 1/35th are included for a Firefly IC (seems out of place given the time period covered, as does the M10 17Pdr on the front cover) and Valentine III. The following issues covering later periods should prove interesting?

The next section is devoted to the Ferdinand at Kursk. There are a number of production line shots followed by many in-action photos. We all know the fate of many Ferdinands at Kursk and I think every hulk is photographed for this book. There are as many shots of disabled and disembowelled Ferdinands as there are running vehicles. Overall a nice collection of action shots of this vehicle.

Another excellent issue of the excellent magazine for armour enthusiasts.

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