book Ground Power Magazine #96 - 5/2002
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issues comprises only two sections.

The first section of 111 pages is a comprehensive look at the M4/M4A1 Sherman.
Starting with 4 pages of colour shots of the M4A1 including some details as well.
The next 41 pages are devoted to an in-depth look at the M4A1 75mm with some early training and wartime pics of the M4A1 in action.
There are also many internal layout drawings and photos of the various components from the engine and compartment to the turret interior and hull interior layout. Externally there are only general shots but there are diagrams of the different style bogies and road wheels used.
The interior details shown are exceptional and cover just about every nook and cranny inside the tank.

Following this is 25 pages devoted to the M4 75mm and the photos consist almost entirely of wartime in-action shots from each theatre the M4 was involved in, some very good diorama ideas here.
The M4 Composite Hull is covered in the next 13 pages again with all wartime in-action shots.
The next 15 pages are of the M4A1 76mm and again the photos are all wartime shots except for some of the pilot model 76, there is also a couple of the early HVSS 76 Shermans.
Finally there are 7 pages of the M4 105mm again with wartime shots including a few of the HVSS 105.

The second section of 32 pages covers the Wirbelwind and consists of wartime photos, some of which have been seen before as well as quite a few good close-up shots of a preserved Wirbelwind. These detail the complete exterior from the running gear to the hull and turret, strangely there are no internal turret photos.

Another excellent issue of the magazine especially if you want to know everything about the insides of the M4A1.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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