book Ground Power Magazine #100 - 9/2002
Published by Delta Publishing Co.Ltd. Japan

This issue is broken into three main sections, but could really be five. A brief 4 page colour spread at the start has side profiles of Marder IIIs, 76.2mm, Ausf.H and Ausf.M.

PanzerJager Marder (2) (pages 5-90)
This is the second part of the Marder III story, if you are wondering where was part 1; it was way back with the July 2001 issue (#86).

Marder III Ausf.H (pages 5-39)
This section has many wartime photos of the Ausf.H as well as some drawings of external and internal details of the vehicle. Some of the shots of destroyed Marders should ge the diorama builders salivating.

Marder III Ausf.M (pages 40-90)
This is a superb coverage of the Ausf.M with some great overall walkaround pictures with three double page photos with others full page offering some nice details.
This is followed by some excellent detail drawings of the hull features showing the different hull front plates, driver's compartments and rear hull/exhaust details throughout the production runs.
There is also some close-up photos including many internal shots of the fighting compartment and finally pages 74-90 has many wartime photos of the Marder III M in action. Just the thing for the new Tamiya kit reference.

M4A4 75 Sherman (pages 91-126)
Covers the M4A4 in US, British and French service and includes some nice photos of the engine outside of the vehicle offering some good views as well as drawings of the internal layout. Some detailed external photos is followed by four large photos of the 60lb rockets added on some of the British A4 turrets in 1944. This is followed by some nice wartime photos of all three services A4s.

M4A6 Sherman (pages 127-130)
A brief section on the A6 with some photos of the welded and composite hulled A6s.

Soft skinned vehicles of the British Army (6) (pages 131-143)
Part six in this series sees the Breakdown vehicles featured with some shots of CDSW, Scammel, CMP and Diamond T980 vehicles as well as some other lesser types pressed into service as breakdown vehicles.

Another excellent issue of this magazine.

Available via mail order from Rainbow Ten in Japan.

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