bookModeler’s Guide to the
A complete and comprehensive guide to modeling the U.S. gun tank in 1/35th scale

A Military Miniatures in Review Special
by Pete Harlem.
Published by Ampersand Publishing Company, Inc.

Review by Terry Ashley

The Book:
The book is soft back with 119 pages, with many in colour. It is a collection of articles previously published in Military Miniatures in Review magazine plus some extra photos. For those of us not having easy access to this magazine this is all new stuff.

The books is broken into sections. The introduction is followed with a section, which has great close-up detail shots all around the Sherman exterior.

A large section featuring models of 15 different Shermans follows this and includes photos of the models under construction.

The next section has scale drawings of different parts of the Sherman.
The Tracks, The Suspension System, The Nose/Final Drives, The Glacis and The Engine decks. Each is very comprehensive with good clear drawings of all the variations of each section. This clears up a lot of questions regarding these differences, especially the Bogies and Final Drive Housings.

Next is a section on Paint and Markings and details the various "official" paint and markings schemes applied to the Sherman in active service.

A "Sherman Resource List" follows this, which lists every aftermarket update and detail set available for Sherman kits at the time of printing. Each listing has a brief description of the contents.

Lastly is a list of other available reference books for the Sherman and its variants.

The title of the book is slightly misleading as it only covers the exterior of the Sherman Hulls. There is nothing except for brief mentions of the Turrets, Guns or Engines used. These could fill another book of this size on their own. One can only hope that this book should have been titled "Modeler’s Guide to the Sherman Part 1" and a second volume will follow covering these other details.

That aside this is an excellent reference for Shermanholics or any armour enthusiast. There is plenty of information to really detail up your Sherman exterior at least.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Ampersand for the review copy.


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