bookJagdpanzer IV, Part 1: - L/48 (Sd.Kfz.162)
Nuts & Bolts Volume 37
by Joachim Baschin, Martin Block
soft cover
German & English texts
180 pages 368 photos (152 historic, 23 model, 193 modern) 36 blueprints
16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organsisation (KStN)

Review by Terry Ashley

This latest publication from Nuts & Bolts is on the Jagdpanzer IV - L-48 which was the first of the Jagdpanzer IVs with the shorter L-48 75mm gun and is issued as Part 1, Part 2 will follow dealing the later Jagdpanzer IV - L-70 "Lang" and the book follows the usual Nuts & Bolts formula with the 180 pages covering the history, development, period photos as well as museum shots and a section on modelling the vehicle.

The book basically covers the period 1944-45 and is divided into chapters or sections with period photos in Black and White while most of the museum pics are in Colour as are those of the in the modelling section with both German and English text included as usual.

Historical / Technical development & production (pages 3 to 12)
This section is entirely in text apart from a few small photos and a couple of drawings with a detailed history of the development and a detailed technical description with sub-sections on Drive Train, Superstructure, Armour, Armament and Crew Equipment as well as production charts with info that covers most things you may wish to know?

Organisation & structure of anti-tank units (pages 13 to 18)
This section as the name suggest covers the organisation of the anti-tank units and has a couple of pages of text including the K.St.N. (Table of Organisation) from early 1944. To illustrate this are six organisation graphs and charts to give a good overview of the unit organisation during the period 1944-45 as well as brief section on Panzerjäger tactics.

History of anti-tank units (pages 19 to 41)
Again, this section describes the history and inclusion of Jagdpanzer units within the various Heer, Waffen SS and Luftwaffe divisions. Each division has a dedicated one or two paragraphs giving a brief overview supplemented with two full page charts listing each Division and the vehicles allocated, a nice section for those wanting an historical background to go with the other details.

Summary, Camouflage & markings, Modelling, Acknowledgements (pages 42 to 48)
These pages have an overview of sections to come with a chart showing the various kits and aftermarket sets available for the Panzerjäger IV L/48, at the time of publication.

Jadgpanzer IV a technical view (pages 49 to 75)
This section is made up entirely with period photos of the Jagdpanzer IV L/48, with two or three photos per page with the photo captions pointing out various features of the vehicle shown in the photos. It covers prototype vehicles as well as production and in-action shots to illustrate the technical details shown. There are also numerous shots of disabled and damaged vehicles as well as operation vehicles.

1944-45 – Western Front (pages 76 to 89)
This section is similar to the previous being all photos with again two or three to a page but dedicated to units on the Western Front. Again, there is a mix of destroyed/damaged and operational vehicles with the captions describing the details in the photos with most shots being semi-close up to allow the details to be easily seen. Of interest is the number of vehicle absent their muzzle brakes exposing the threaded barrel end.

1944-45 – Eastern Front (pages 90 to 95)
This section is again basically the same as the 'Western Front' section but showing vehicles operating on the Eastern Front. There is again a mix of destroyed/damaged and operational vehicles with the captions describing the details with most shots being semi-close up to allow the details to be easily seen. Again, there are numerous vehicles absent their muzzle brakes exposing the threaded barrel end.

Drawings (pages 96 to 111)
This section has six sets of 1:35 five view plans of various vehicles from the prototype, January 1944 production, April 1944 production (with and without side skirts) and May 1944 production (two view plans), this is supplemented with four view perspective drawings of the April 1944 vehicles.
Also included are larger section drawings (not to scale) showing details such as the side skirt holders, radiator cover plates, Fu 5 and Fu 8 radio installations and aerial mount bases for useful details for the modeller.

Colour profiles (pages 112 to 119)
This section is all in colour and has fourteen side profile illustrations of various unit vehicles giving a good cross section of camouflage schemes applied to the L/48. The views are somewhat limited in giving only the single side profile from which to determine the remaining camouflage and additional info will be of assistance to fill in the schemes.

Preserved vehicles & components in museums (pages 120 to 175)
This section is dedicated to the modeller with many excellent close-up detailed shots numerous museum vehicles with some semi-close-up shots but mostly are good close-up featuring a single detail in each photo such as engine deck and hull detail, hatches, lights, drive sprockets, idlers and road wheels to the different style tracks used.

There are also interior details shots showing details such as the gun breech and guard, sights and engine outside of the vehicle along with the front transmission and driver's station taken inside the hull plus other inner hull details for those wanting to add this detail to their models.

Other details shown include the radios, weapons and wall storage mountings as well as overall shots of the MG42, MP40 and egg hand grenades as well as the main 7.5cm rounds used in the main gun for excellent overall detail coverage of just about all the details need to fully detail up any model.

Modelling (pages 176 to 180)
This final section has some shots of assembled and painted models showing various cam schemes and detail finishes (with and without side skirts) as well as some progress shots of zimmerit being applied using Milliput as the medium.

This is another excellent volume in the Nuts & Bolts series covering the Jagdpanzer IV - L-48 with extensive detailed close-up photos of both the exterior and interiors of the vehicles as well as many excellent wartime period photos showing the many variations in details and fitout as well as paint and equipment finishes. The book has a good mix of technical and development info as well as wartime photos.

The museum walk-around and detail photos are almost worth it on their own from a modelling viewpoint along with 1:35 plan coverage and is an excellent reference for those building or just interested in the Jagdpanzer IV - L-48.

Highly recommended

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