book Staghound
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.29
Published by ROSSAgraph
ISBN 83-89717-26-3
A5 64 pages soft cover

& bonus CD

Review by Terry Ashley

With the recent kit by Bronco Models of the Staghound AC (Kit #CB35011) and the imminent release of the Italeri Staghound this new ROSSAgraph monograph will come in very handy as Staghound print references have been rather thin on the ground.

The book is in the usual A5 format with 64 pages in colour and B&W covering wartime period photos, close-up walk arounds of museum Staghounds and internal layout diagrams plus like recent ROSSAgraph books a bonus CD with the workshop manual in .pdf format.

Text is in Polish and English with a brief historical introduction and technical description followed by 15 pages of period photos mostly of Polish Staghounds in the later half of the war with some shots 4 to a page and others 1 to a page to give good overall views of the markings, stowage and crew uniforms.

There are extreme close-ups of virtually every external hull detail with individual shots of parts such as the vision visors and periscopes, headlights, front hull MG mounting, side storage boxes and fuel tank mountings. The rear hull is equally covered with detailed shots of the engine deck hinges and equipment mountings, lifting eyes, exhausts and tool mountings. Each of the photos has a caption again in English and Polish with a brief description of the details being shown.

The suspension, wheels and under hull details are covered next with more close-up shots of the wheels and tyre treads, the suspension components with some shots taken from under the vehicle for good details. The front steering linkages are shown clearly with additional shots from underneath showing the diffs and under pan details that should come in handy.

The next four pages have detailed shots of the turret exterior with excellent images of the gun mantlet, gun tube and co-axial MG as well as the left side visor and other turret details of side lifting eyes and rear bustle. The turret roof is shown in a large overhead image with additional shots of the hatches open showing the inside details and three shots of the turret interior.

Following this is 6 pages of interior layout drawings with all the parts numbered with identifying lists to help out anyone wanting to add an interior to the kits.

As mentioned there is also a bonus CD ROM with the full Service Manual in .pdf format that contains additional invaluable information on the Staghound and being .pdf can be displayed on any PC or MAC computer without any problems.

Bonus CD
Sample pages

This is another excellent book from ROSSAgraph that while small is size is packed with excellent reference material with one thing of interest being the number of small hull and engine deck differences between vehicles that will keep the keen eyed riveted for hours (excuse the pun).

With the bonus CD ROM this book is an excellent reference for anyone building the available Staghound kits.

Highly recommended 8.5/10

Thanks to CC and Blast Models for the review book.

Page created December 11, 2007