bookSoviet Heavy Breakthrough Tank KV-2

By Jochen Vollert

Tankograd Soviet Special No 2001.
Soft cover, A4 size, 64 pages

Review by Peter Brown

Of the two big shocks the German found waiting for them when they invaded Russia in 1941, the heavy KV series was proof against all but a well-handled 88mm FLAK gun. Two series were encountered, the 76mm armed version and the KV-2 with its huge turret and equally impressive 152mm gun which is described in this book. Development history is covered in dual German and English text, but modellers will appreciate the extensive photo coverage and plans as much if not more. Plans include 1/72 four-views showing four different prototype vehicles, with a 1/35 four view of the series production 1940 model plus plans of one of prototype turret. Both prototype and production versions are well covered in photos, the former were used in action during the early period of the Barbarossa campaign as well as the production tanks. Most photos are not surprisingly in black and white, many are soldier's snapshots showing abandoned vehicles being inspected but there is a series of a preserved KV-2 in Moscow including a couple of colour views and the text points out various non-original features of this museum exhibit. One a section covers the KW-2 - as they called it - captured by the Germans and used for training, including those modified for actual service with partial plans of the changes made. A short chapter covers the effective of various German guns against the KV, and there is a bonus of three original colour images, though one is mostly a silhouette view the others are full vehicle shots.

The big-turret KV is an impressive subject in real life and model form, this is a good addition to the bookshelf of modellers and students of Soviet AFVs of the Great Patriotic War. Produced to the same high quality as the parent Tankograd Militarfahrzeug series it is available from several distributors.

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