Toadman's Tank Picture CDs
LVT(4) Walkaround CD

Reviews by Terry Ashley

Chris “Toadman” Hughes has created a web site ( with some excellent walk around photo series on various vehicles which is well worth a look for anyone wanted detailed vehicle photos and he has also released some photo CDs which contain additional images from those on the site of which we will look at two here.

The CD is devoted entirely to the LVT(4) and has 125 large photos (about 1500 x 1000 pixels) with excellent walk around photos of the exterior and interior of a preserved vehicle to show the details to good effect. Every area of the vehicle is covered and is just the thing for anyone working on the Italeri kit.

The sample images here are reduced in size considerably from those on the CD to give and indication of the details included in the images.


Technical Stuff:
The CD has an auto run feature when used on a Windows based PC but MAC users will need to manually run the Title.htm file to get things going and the images are presented on a web based interface in your browser so the feel is just like looking at a regular web page with menus to navigate through the pages and images, all quite easy really.

Excellent photo collections of the featured vehicles with large clear images to show the details well with an easy interface to browse the images and will be very useful reference sources.

Highly recommended

See Toadman’s web page for details of additional Photo CDs available as well as the on site walkarounds.
Thanks to Chris “Toadman” Hughes for the review CDs.

Page created 20 March 2005

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