Toadman's German
World War II Anti-Tank Guns CD

3.7cm Pak 35/36, 5cm Pak 38
7.5cm Pak 97/38, 7.5cm Pak 40
Walkaround CD

Review by Terry Ashley

Chris “Toadman” Hughes's web site ( has some excellent walk around photo series on various vehicles which is well worth a look for anyone wanted detailed vehicle photos and this CD continues the excellent photo CDs series available which contain additional images from those on the site.

This CD is devoted to smaller calibre German anti-tank guns of WWII with three well know types and the lesser known 7.5cm Pak97/38 which were captured French model 1897 field guns with the addition of a perforated muzzle brake mounted on the Pak38 carriage.

The CD contains 235 large format .jpg images (1500 x 1000 pixels) with 78 of the Pak 35/36, 22 of the Pak 38, 62 of the Pak 97/38 and 73 of the Pak 40 and covers virtually every aspect of the guns with excellent close up shots of the shields (both sides and overhead), carriages including the wheels and spades as well as the guns detailing the breech, gun controls and mountings for a very comprehensive coverage. There may not seem that many shots of the Pak 38 but there are the additional carriage shots with the Pak 97/38 that are applicable to the 5cm also.

There are overall shots of the guns as well as extreme close-up shots to give a good overall account of the guns and some interesting vehicles in the background with some of the shots as an added bonus.

The sample images here are reduced in size considerably from those on the CD to give and indication of the details included in the images.

3.7cm Pak 35/36
3.7cm Pak 35/363.7cm Pak 35/36
5cm Pak 38
5cm Pak 385cm Pak 38
7.5cm Pak 97/38
7.5cm Pak 97/387.5cm Pak 97/38
7.5cm Pak 40
7.5cm Pak 407.5cm Pak 40

Technical Stuff:
The CDs have an auto run feature when used on a Windows based PC but MAC users will need to manually run the Title.htm file to get things going and the images are presented on a web based interface in your browser so the feel is just like looking at a regular web page with menus to navigate through the pages and images, all quite easy really. You can also use any other image thumbnail program to view the images if this is preferable and of course they can be printed for easier reference as desired.

Excellent photo collection of the featured guns and just the thing for the recent Pak 40 kits from AFV Club and Dragon as well as the Sd.Kfz.251/10 kits from both and the recent 5cm Pak 38 from Italeri.

Highly recommended

See Toadman’s web page for details of additional Photo CDs available as well as the on site walkarounds.
Thanks to Chris “Toadman” Hughes for the review CD.

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Last updated September 2, 2005

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