bookThe Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service
by Colin MacGregor Stevens.
Canada's Weapons of War Series, WOW026
A5 size softback, 24 pages
ISBN: 978-1-894581-55-4
Service Publications,

Review by Peter Brown

Ferret Scout Cars were widely used in many countries. Canada bought 124 from a batch manufactured in 1954, all of the original open-topped Mk 1 type. Initially they were used to equip the three reconnaissance regiments who relied on the car’s small size, speed and mobility to scout ahead before reporting back in person or by radio. Some were also issued in small numbers to armoured regiments.

They served in Canada for training and occasional security roles include protection during Royal visits and as part of the Infantry Brigade Group in Germany until withdrawn from service in the 1980s. Several were also used in United Nations service, first following the 1956 Suez operations monitoring in Gaza and Sinai until 1960 and then in Cyprus from 1964 to 1969 during which time one or two turreted Mk 2 cars were borrowed from British stocks.

The author of this book is a Ferret owner and as such is an enthusiast for the vehicle. His account of these cars in Canadian hands is well detailed, and includes good descriptions of the vehicle, serial number ranges, changes in armament from Bren to variations of Brownings, various detail changes in headlights and stowage, user-supplied commander’s windscreens, radio installations and colours and markings alongside firsthand accounts of them in use.

Various fittings for UN service including wire cutters and a short-lived anti-grenade cage are well shown, as is the one-off conversion to carry ENTAC anti-tank missiles. There are plenty of black and white photos of Ferrets at all stages of service in all areas including the different colour schemes, exercise umpire and UN markings and even cartoon figures. Five-view 1/35th scale plans in the centre pages show a typical vehicle.

All in all a very readable account covering a lot of ground, this book will be welcomed by all Ferret enthusiasts as well as those interested in Canadian armoured vehicles as well as modellers, and comes recommended for each group.

Thanks to Clive Law at Service Publications for the review book.

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