bookChinook in detail
Present Aircraft Line No.13
František Kořán, Jaroslav Špaček, Ralph Zwilling
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.
ISBN 80-86416-62-5

120 pages all in colour.

Review by Terry Ashley

Well you may ask what is a review of an aircraft book doing here? A couple of reasons, helicopters do work in closer co-operation with ground units probably more than other types and as there are two good 1:35 scale kits available from Trumpeter (kit # 05104 CH-47A and kit #05105 CH-47D) the possibilities for "crossover" with a diorama incorporating 1:35 vehicles and figures in quite tempting.

The 240mm x 225mm soft cover book has 120 pages entirely in colour with all English text and excellent walk around and close-up detail shots of four Chinook variants, the Italian Army CH-47C, the US Army CH-47D and British HC Mk.1 and HC Mk.2 for those wanting to turn the Trumpeter kit into something different.

The book starts with 8 pages giving a brief development history of the Chinook from the original A to the latest Ch-47SD intermixed with general overall shots of various types and this is followed by 12 pages of close-up walk around shots of the CH-47D fuselage exterior showing many of the smaller details around the nose central fuselage to the tail. Detail shots include the aerials and underside cargo hook and the flair dispensers and other details.

There are two pages showing the engines some with open cowlings and four pages of detailed cockpit shots showing the instrument panels, crew seats and controls followed by 10 pages of the rear cargo bay interior with details of the seats and the extensive plumbing inside the rear fuselage walls.

The next 4 pages has a brief walk around on the British HC Mk.1B with some exterior detailed shots and cockpit shots showing the contrast in colours and some details from the US Army Ch-47D. This is followed by just two pages of general exterior shots of the Italian CH-47C which again gives contrast to the other types shown.

The remainder of the book, pages 44 to 120 is devoted to the British HC Mk.2 with a few comparison shots of the CH-47C/D thrown in with pages 44 to 62 covering the fuselage exterior with many detailed shots showing just about every detail from the nose to the rear rotor pylon and everything in between which offers enough detail to keep most happy.

Seven pages follow devoted entirely to the vast array of aerials, antenna and self defence IR jammers, chaff and flair dispensers that appear all over the fuselage exterior with many items shown from different angles for good perspective.

The undercarriage is next with 4 pages of excellent close-up details of the forward double wheels and single rear wheels that show the hubs, legs and associated hydraulic lines followed by 7 pages of the rotor pylons and engines wit many shots of the cowlings removed to show many internal details.

The next four pages cover the rotor heads with superb close-up shots from different angles showing most details of the rotor heads and blades.

Following this are 10 pages on the cockpit with many shots of the instrument panel, central and overhead console as well as the crew seats and excellent shots of the pitch control column, collective pitch lever and the foot pedals. Then comes 20 pages of superb close-ups of the rear cargo bay interior showing the crew area just behind the cockpit to the side troop seats and the rear walls with the mind boggling array of exposed wiring and hydraulics. Other details shown are the additional internal fuel tank and the rear ramp as well as numerous shots of the roof which has more extensive plumbing.

There are numerous shots of the rear transmission gearbox and associated plumbing not normally seen which should provide the super detailest with endless inspiration and finally there are some flying shots of the HC Mk.2 that show overall views of the markings and unit insignia.

This is another superb reference book from Wings & Wheels aimed directly at the modeller with a minimum of text basically just for the photo captions and the rest devoted to superb close-up and walk around shots of the Chinook.

The majority of the book is devoted to the British HC Mk.2 but there is enough detail of the CH-47D for anyone wanting to detail up the Trumpeter kit or to use the many superb HC Mk.2 photos to do a major conversion job on the kit.

Either way this book will certainly appeal to anyone interested in the big Chinook.

Highly recommended 8/10.

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Thanks to František of Wings & Wheels Publications for the review book.

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