book AS-90 Braveheart in detail
Present Vehicle Line No.8
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.
ISBN 80-86416-34-8
72 pages all in colour.

Review by Terry Ashley

If you wanted some good reference for the Trumpeter AS-90 then this is it with great detail shots of the AS-90 plus support vehicles.

Pages 4 to 45 have excellent details of the AS-90 with virtually every detail of the hull and turret exterior shown in superb close-up detail with the 52 calibre barrel version featured although the majority of the details being the same as with the 39 calibre version except for the front hull mounted barrel lock.

The turret exterior is especially well covered with individual photos for each hatch, the smoke grenade clusters and numerous shots of the gun mounting and recoil brake system.

The interior is also covered in great detail with shots of the driver’s station, rear door interior as well as the fighting compartment with many shots of the ammo racks and personal weapon storage.

The turret has excellent shots of the gun breech, gunner’s station and the many items of equipment on the turret walls as well as the roof fittings plus the GPMG mounting on the loader’s hatch.

The following eight pages have good all round shots of the support vehicles that accompany the AS-90 such as the DROP Foden Truck and Medium Wheeled Tractors as well as some good shots of the 155mm rounds in their transport pallets as well as being prepared for firing.

Finally there are 19 pages with semi-close-up shots of vehicles such as the Saxon APC 105, the Warrior MAOV (Mechanised Artillery Observation Vehicle), the FV 432 APC, Command Vehicle, ARV and Communications Vehicle with finally some good shots of the Challenger ARRV.

This book is good value with not only the excellent detail shots of the AS-90 Braveheart but as a bonus the good shots of the many support vehicles that work with the AS-90 units.

Highly recommended.

Page Created 23 February 2004

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