book Steyr 1500A in detail
Special Museum Line No.9
ISBN 80-902677-4-2
Wings & Wheels Publications
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.

Another sensational publication from WWP.
Every part of the Steyr is covered in great detail. As well as superb photos, line drawings of the chassis and engine add even further detail. The engine in particular is covered in three pages of super close-up photos, one page being in colour.

Four versions of the Steyr 1500 are given the detail treatment.
The Steyr 1500 Bus has many exterior photos plus excellent interior shots.
The Fire Engine also has good exterior and interior photos.
The Personnel Carrier takes up about half the book and really gets the detail treatment with sensational exterior and interior photos.
Finally the Cargo version is briefly covered.

In all, this is a superb book on the Steyr 1500 and a must have if you want to add details the the Tamiya kits or convert the kit to any of the other versions of the Steyr.

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