book Opel Blitz in detail
Special Museum Line No.39
František Kořán, Jan Moštek, Alois Veselý
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.
ISBN 80-86416-51-8

107 pages mostly in colour.

Review by Terry Ashley

This latest title from Wings & Wheels Publications features the Opel Blitz with sections on six variants, the basic 4x4 cargo truck, the 4x4 Fire Engine, the Airport Crash Tender, a 4x4 A-Type LC/Koffer, the Kfz.305 Radio Van and 4x2 Luftwaffe Radio Van as well as general detail walk arounds.

Most of the photos are of restored museum vehicles in private Czech collections and the Belgian Royal Army Museum as well as a few wartime shots with the book opening with a couple of pages of general details on the Opel Blitz.

Pages 6 to 43 has detailed walk around photos of common Opel Blitz features such as exterior cab and chassis details, cab interior photos with many detailed close up shots of most components. This is followed by many detailed shots of the engine showing the main features as well as the wiring and firewall details including underside shots showing the sump and gearbox.

This is followed by coverage of the chassis again with detailed shots of every component from the front suspension, central drive train back to the rear axle and suspension and this is followed by 4 pages of general overall shots of restored 4x4 Cargo Trucks.

Pages 48 to 61 deals with the 4x4 Fire Engine with overall walk around shots as well as detailed shots of the cab and water tank features plus excellent shots of the rear valves and pump details.

Pages 62 to 75 covers the Airport Crash Tender with many detailed shots of the exterior and interior including the roof details with wooden strips and other fittings used as a fire fighting platform.

Pages 76 to 86 again has all around general shots as well as detailed exterior and interior shots of the 4x4 A-Type LC/Koffer which is fitted with a multipurpose house type body that could be fitted out for numerous functions.

One of these is the Kfz.305 Radio Van which has a general walk around with B&W wartime photos of the van with the next 7 pages having excellent close up shots of the various radio equipment carried by the van including the Fu 1 and accessories with again some wartime shots of the van interior showing the radio and equipment setups.

The final pages 96 to 107 covers the 4x2 Luftwaffe Radio Van with close up shots of the exterior cab and rear body as well as detailed shots of the cab interior and rear van housing interior.

Overall another excellent detail reference from Wings & Wheels that has excellent close up shots of the common features plus the excellent coverage of the specific variants that will be more than useful if you wish to build any of these types on the available Opel Blitz kits.

Highly recommended 8/10.

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Thanks to František of Wings & Wheels Publications for the review book.

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