Panzer Crew LAH Division
Russia 1944

Dragon Kit No. 6214
1/35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of five tank crew figures from Dragon offers some interesting choices with the figures wearing the first pattern reversible tankers overalls and providing you with five full crew figures in relaxed poses for in and out of their vehicle.

As well as the full figures, two have alternate partial lower torsos/legs that can be used if you want to pose them inside the vehicle hatches where the full figure may have problems fitting, a nice alternative.

The figures are all moulded in light grey plastic and are broken down in the same manner with separate upper torso, two part legs and arms plus separate heads and headgear which has two wearing field caps and three with forage caps. Also included are head phone sets consisting of plastic ear phones and etched bands which are bent over the head from ear to ear plus etched neck microphones and you only need do is add wiring to finish off the phones. Having these as separate parts and not moulded with the heads as usual does give good choice but to fit them it is better to cut off the ears for a better ‘sit’ on the side of the head.

DragonThe detail on the figures is quite well done with nice pocket, lapel and seam details as well as realistic fabric folds and facial features but the caps are a little too big for the heads (see image), the field caps more so than the forage caps and make the assembled figures look quite strange.

There is a prominent moulding seam on all parts that will need attention but thankfully this doesn’t interfere with the fabric seams on the legs and arms and the fit of the parts was very good without the need for any filler or trimming with normal tube cement dealing with any minor gaps.

The poses are;
Figure A; is sitting with left arm raised and has alternate partial legs to pose in a hatch or similar where the full figure may have fit problems.
Figure B; standing figure with his arms and legs crossed in very relaxed pose and has alternate small lower torso section to pose in a turret leaning on the hatch sill.
Figure C; a standing officer in relaxed pose designed to be holding his head phones in the left hand.
Figure D; a crewman sitting on the side of a turret, most likely a Panther or Tiger II as the pose leans outward to conform with the slope of the turret.
Figure E; standing figure also with crossed lower legs is holding a map which is provided in black and white on a small printed.


The rear of the box has colour illustrations of the figures plus a small colour block showing the ‘Plane Tree No.5 Summer Pattern’ and ‘Oak Leaf A Summer Pattern” as these uniforms were often seen in and of course the usual excellent Ron Volstad box art will also held with the painting process.

A nice set of well detailed figures for later war vehicles with the alternate lower body sections a nice touch and they can also be posed away from a vehicle as the relaxed poses offer good possibilities.

Highly recommended for both vehicle and diorama builders.

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Figure set courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 30 January 2005

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