German Self-Propelled Gun Crew
1:35th Figure Set No. 35008

MiniArt MiniArt have released this set of five SP Gun Crew figures moulded in light grey plastic and has an Officer, an NCO and three crew members posed replenishing a vehicles ammo supply.

The standard of moulding is quite good as far as the uniform details such as pockets, lapels, trouser seams and fabric folds go but there is a fair bit of excess plastic flash to be removed from the parts, especially the arms and heads as well as prominent mould seams on all parts.

The flash and mould seams shouldn’t be a problem to remove but care will be needed not to remove some of the uniform details in the process and does require more clean up than on other plastic figures.

Each figure is broken down with upper torso, two separate legs, separate arms and heads with separate head gear which consists of an Officer’s cap and field caps for the other figures. There is also a pair of binoculars and side arm holster for the Officer with again fairly heavy flash on the binoculars and a couple of sidearm holsters for two of the crew.

The Officer and NCO wear the typical mid/late war SP Gun Crew uniforms while the other three crewman wear open necked shirts of the period for good variety.

Also included are three 88mm rounds and a wooden ammo crate to use as required and these parts are cleanly moulded with none of the flash as on the figures.

I have assembled one of the figures to test the fit of parts and after the cleanup the fit was quite good but some minor trimming will be needed on the arm/shoulder joins and careful positioning at the waist join and the neck join but being plastic minor adjustments are easy.

The poses are relaxed apart from the Officer who seems to be urgently pointing towards some activity and 75mm ammo rounds can be substituted for use on suitable vehicles.

The boxtop and rear box colour illustrations can serve as painting guides as well as indicating the parts which are all numbered on the sprue for easy identification when assembling the figures.

Overall a nice set of figures with well done uniform details in nice poses but there is a fair bit of cleanup needed on the parts but will offer a nice alternative for the many SP gun kits currently available.


MiniArt MiniArt
Assembled figure E

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Page created 15 May 2005

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