Sd.Kfz.7/1 2cm Flakvierling 38 auf Selbstfahrlafette
1:35 kit comparison
DragonDragon kit #6525 - Trumpeter kit #01523
Part 4: Fenders/Engine Compartment/Firewall
Fenders/Engine Compartment:
Both kits have the front fenders moulded in one piece with the front body pan and tow hitch included but there are no underside fender supports provided on either kit.

There is another issue with the Trumpeter fenders other the inside angle identified in the initial review of kit #01514 where the fenders are also too shallow in height. The Trumpeter fender outline when compared to the 1:35 plans in the Panzer Tracts No.12 Flak Selbstfahrlafetten and Flakpanzer and Model Art Halbketten Zugkraftwagen 8t Sd.Kfz.7/1/2 (AFV Super Detail Photo Vol.9) books show a 2.5mm discrepancy between the plan fender height and that of the Trumpeter kit fender. The Cyberhobby/Dragon fender outline matched the plans perfectly in height but both kit fenders were narrower than the plans indicate by about 1-1.3mm. There is little that can done to rectify the fender outlines but the height issue is really the only one of concern as the width of 1-1.3mm probably wouldn't be noticed on the final kit.

Fender heights compared to the available 1:35 plans (black outline)
Note: The image shows the left side fender of both kits but the top of the right fender also shows in
the image which may be a little confusing, apologies for that.
The top of the radiator was used as a check to ensure both fender images were to scale with each other.

Inside fender angle and height

There are some fine mould seam lines to be removed from the front of both fenders and the Cyberhobby/Dragon fenders have the correct 3 rivet heads along the lower front edge. On the Trumpeter fenders these have additional hex bolt heads that are a museum addition to the restored half-track and you show cut off the bolt heads leaving the flat rivet heads as they should be.

Both kits also include the heat exchanger pipe added under the right fender and you just need to drill out the end of the pipe that exits on the Cyberhobby/Dragon kit but the pipe end is not very well defined on the Trumpeter kit and you mat want to replace this with a small section of plastic tube to improve the appearance?

There is also additional cleanup required on the edges of the Trumpeter fenders as they are a little rough in places while those on the Cyberhobby/Dragon fenders are cleanly moulded not requiring any additional cleanup other than the seams lines mentioned above.

Fender rivet detail with image of actual fender rivets
Inside fender detail, note lack of fender supports under fenders

Again both kits have the large radiator housing as a single part with the front louvers and mesh moulded as one closed unit and not open but we are yet to see this feature rendered correctly in any German half-track kit. The louvers detail is deeper and more refined on the Cyberhobby/Dragon housing as is the “KRAUSS-MAFFEI” name plate embossed on the panel. There is one issue with the Cyberhobby/Dragon radiator housing in that there is a beveled contour either side of the name plate and is not flush as seen in photos of the Krauss-Maffei produced Sd.Kfz.7/1, those produced by Borgward do show this beveling so there may be a bit of cross over here.

The top radiator cap is a bit oversized on the Trumpeter radiator while better sized on the Cyberhobby/Dragon kit but there is no tow shackle pin provided in the Cyberhobby/Dragon kit while this is included in the Trumpeter kit.

Radiator detail, note the open louvers, the style of the name plate and lack of bevels on the top panel.

The engine compartment side panels are separate parts on both kits which allows you to leave these off to show the engine detail if you wish? The cooling louvers on both are moulded solid and not open as they should be although the louvers on the Cyberhobby/Dragon panels are more refined than on the Trumpeter panels.

Both have the small grab handles as separate parts but those on the Trumpeter kit are oversized while those on the Cyberhobby/Dragon kit are the correct size. The securing "T" clips are separate parts on the Trumpeter kit for better definition than the moulded on clips with the Cyberhobby/Dragon panels.

Both panels fit neatly to the side of the compartment once the radiator have been glued in place without any additional trimming required.

Engine bay side panel detail
Radiator attached to fender moulding
Trumpeter Raditator grill added to fenders
note large rivets on fender to be modified

Inside view of radiator, a couple of pin marks to remove
also note the cleanup required on fender lip


Also included for the Cyberhobby/Dragon fenders are the racks for the 6 Kar98 rifles which were moved here on the Sd.Kfz.7/1. The racks consist of the base units on the rear fender section and the front clips for the front fender but these are overly thick and will no doubt be included in the inevitable etched update sets to come. Strangely you are only provided with 2 Kar98 rifles for the racks so if you want to fill these you will have to scavenge another 4 rifles from other kits. The 2 Kar98 rifles are the newer type with separate upper bolt and you will only need to add the slings for nice looking rifles. As there are no racks or Kar98 rifles included in the Trumpeter kit there's nothing to comment on.

Both kits include the engine firewall as a separate part with detail included on both the engine and cab sides which is cleanly moulded without any pin marks on either part although the moulded on detail is more refined on the Cyberhobby/Dragon firewall than on the Trumpeter part.

On the engine side both have additional perforated support brackets and separate parts for the oil/fuel filter systems while the Cyberhobby/Dragon kit has the correct early War style long horn while the Trumpeter kit has the later round flat horn type.

Moving to the cab side, both have the dash board mountings, small fuel tank and separate instrument panel and again all these items are rendered with better definition on the Cyberhobby/Dragon parts. For some reason there are no decals or anything other than a single fine needle for the instrument dials on the Cyberhobby/Dragon panel while the Trumpeter kit provides a full set of decals for the instrument dials and data placards.

Assembly is straightforward on both firewalls but a couple of the locating holes had to be enlarged slightly for a better fit on some of the Trumpeter parts.

The top cover panel between the dash board and firewall is also a separate part on both kits with the large grab handle included with the Cyberhobby/Dragon part while it is a separate part on the Trumpeter dash.

Dragon Assembled firewall detail both sides free of any blemishes
Assembled instrument panel, no decals are provided for the dials
Trumpeter Engine firewall bulkhead detail both sides free of any blemishes
Instrument panel and top cover panel added to the dash.
There are decals for the instrument dial faces included.
There is also the right side grab handle provided which is not shown in the image below.


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