German tool holders
early used up to 1943

1:25 set #25001
Review by Terry Ashley

This set is the first from ABER in the larger 1:25th scale and while there are not a lot of kits in the scale they have been basically neglected by aftermarket companies.

Included in the set is a selection of tool clips, brackets and other details used on German vehicles up to 1943 and as you might imagine in this larger scale just about everything in the way of tool clips and bracket hinges can be made workable with the inclusion of three dimensional wing nuts.

A number of the etched parts require the appropriate kit part being reworked such as the fire extinguishers, head, tail and NOTEK lights and the jack with the moulded on tool clips to be removed from most other tools to accept the etched parts.

As mentioned all the tool brackets are multi-part assemblies with the hinges that can be made workable and the securing wing nut is bent around a small length of wire to form a 3D shank with a separate lower washer for excellent definition. There are additional etched bolt heads to add to the brackets to add that extra definition and the smaller clips are made up of three parts like the 1:35 items only larger and are also workable.

The head and tail lights have additional mounting brackets while the tail light face is in a couple of parts and the underside section of the NOTEK light is provided as well as the mounting bracket.

The shovel gets a new spade section as well as the half circle mounting bracket for a better appearance and the wooden jack block has a new mounting bracket, securing straps and clips supplied. Specific parts are provided for the track tool mounted on the left hull of Panzer IV Ausf.A-E and Ausf.F-J (separate multi-parts for each) while all the other parts are applicable to any German vehicle of the time period.

The instructions are the usual ABER exploded view drawings that are easy to follow and there shouldn’t be any problems and the only other thing is that have to provide your own 0.4 wire for the hinges and wing nuts.

A nice set of tool clips and brackets with good definition and everything that can be workable is to add additional details to any 1:25th scale German vehicle available and will be welcomed by builders of this larger scale.

Highly Recommended.

Etched parts

Thanks to ABER for the sample set.
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Page Created January 14, 2006

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