Soviet Light Tank
Early Production or Pz.Kpfw.743(r)
ABER 1:35 Set #35 202
Review by Terry Ashley

ABER have released this etched update set designed for the Miniart T-70M Early w/ Crew (kit #35025) or German Pz.Kpfw. T-70 743(r) w/Crew (kit #35026) which consists of a large etched fret, a smaller etched fret with the intake grills and a couple of short lengths of brass rod and tube.

The quality of the etching is excellent as with past ABER sets with very fine details as well as embossed and engraved details plus the usual engraved bending lines where needed.

The main items in the set are the full fenders that come with embossed ribbing along the top that don't require any burnishing which is often the case with etched fender ribbing and these have additional etched supports along the hull sides and the front mud guard has small hinges that can be made workable using thin wire.

The large engine intake grills and hull side grills are also provided which require you to cut away the moulded on kit intakes and screens before adding the etched items which shouldn't be a problem but the rear intake grill surrounds will require careful bending and using a good etched bending tool would be advisable.

On the fenders are the two large storage boxes entirely in etched with again workable hinges if you want to go to that extent and the flip up latches can also be made to work if you really want to go the whole hog as well as all the varied mounting brackets for the lights, horn and rear plate fittings to add a fair bit of fine detail.

All the tools get new brackets and tool clips that require the moulded on clips be cut off first but add nicely to the overall detail effect.

For the turret are additional details for the main hatch including the telescoping hinge mechanism made from the brass tube provided as well as small brackets on the rear wall.

This is a nicely detailed set that will add many details to the Minart kits and will lift the detail level considerably plus you can also add the ABER 45mm barrel (Set #35 L55) and Master Club resin workable T-70 track to really finish the job.

Highly recommended

Download the instructions in .pdf format.

Etched and metal parts

Tank Power Vol.XXXX
Wydawnictwo Militaria No.264

Thanks to ABER for the review sets.
Airconnection carry the full range of ABER update sets and barrels.

Page Created January 31, 2007

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