Additional accessories
for U.S. vehicles

ABER 1:35 Set #35 A116
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
ABER have released this very useful accessory set for U.S. Vehicles of WWII and beyond that can be used on virtually any U.S. soft skin vehicles such as the Jeep, GMC, Dodge WC series to name just a few.

The set has a single etched fret with approx. 85 parts cleanly etched with fine relief and engraved detail as well a the usual engraved bending lines where required. There are some quite small parts that will need care in handling but other than that nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who has used etched sets previously.

Etched parts

The set includes two universal Jerry Can racks with the base unit that required careful bending to shape and annealing the part by running through a candle flame till red hot will help in this process. Using a spare plastic jerry can as a jig to bend the rack to shape will also help get the right contours. There is a two part etched strap with separate buckle as well as a replacement pour cap for the U.S. style can and these can be used on any applicable vehicle.

There are two standard vehicle rifle racks with separate parts for the inner clips and mounting bracket and apart from the careful bending of the main rack the rest is easy and you can again use with any vehicle to improve the kit supplied racks.

The third item in the set is three standard U.S. Vehicle pioneer tool racks that have the outer frame that requires the edges be bent to shape using a good quality etched bending tool for best results and all the inner brackets and clips as separate parts for excellent detail definition.

Also included are numerous small bolt heads to add around the frame and these will need care removing from the fret and in gluing in place but add to the overall good detail of the rack.

The assembled rack can be used with the applicable kit tools once the moulded on brackets have been removed or with good aftermarket tool sets such as those available from Formations (set #F056).

Instruction sheet
This is a excellent set from ABER that provides the mostly widely used equipment racks on U.S. vehicles in WWII, Korea and later even, assembly is quite straightforward for anyone with just a little experience working with etched parts.

It is a very useful set to have around especially if you build a lot of soft skin vehicle model

Highly recommended

Thanks to ABER for the review set.

Page created January 20, 2009