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M41/M42 T91E3-Track
AFV Club 1:35th Scale Kit No. AF 35046
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club

The kit:
Following on from their M41A3 Walker Bulldog, AFV Club have also released a set of individual and workable T91E3 track links for the M41.

They have taken the term ‘individual’ literally as the track links are all separate minus the sprues and come packed into a plastic bag. No cleanup is required at all on the individual links and feature very nice details on both sides.
They feature very subtle metal texture and also have the pad retaining bolt on the inside of the link.

The pads are separate and are in the same rubbery material as the full length tracks included in the M41 kit. The material simply glues using normal hobby glue, either liquid or tube which makes assembly very easy.

The track links simply clip together and then you add the pads with a small dab of glue, nothing could be easier. The assembled lengths fit precisely around the kit drive sprocket as you would expect as they are designed for this kit.

These track links are simply superb and will add greatly to the final appearance of the M41. Also these tracks are a lot cheaper than those from some of the specialist aftermarket track link makers and it would be hard to how they could improve on these tracks.

Highly recommended.

Individual links and pads
AFV Club
Assembled links and pads
AFV Club
AFV Club
The track fit around the kit drive sprocket,
note also the detail on the track pin ends.

AFV Club AFV Club

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