AFV Club
M151 Remote Weapons Station
AFV Club Kit No. AF 35157
1:35th Scale

Detail Images
Remote Weapons Station parts

AFV ClubTrumpeter
Assembled Weapons station
AFV Club RWS has excellent details and includes all the detail missing from the Trumpeter RWS.

AFV Club
Trumpeter Issues:
On the mounting itself the large optic device on the upper right side (1) is missing altogether as are the rain/sun shields over the lenses (2) which are quite prominent features. Missing from the ammo box is the circular cover for the main RWS sight which is velcroed to the front of the ammo box when not in use (3) and the shell ejection chutes are missing.

The smoke grenade launchers are very basic and lack the base plate (4) as well as the rear wiring and the mounting fairings are moulded square but should have rounded edges, easy enough to fix. The smoke grenades themselves are again very basic in appearance and most are actually fitted with dust covers or caps unless immediate use is eminent.
.50 cal M2 Machine gun and Mk.19 Grenade Launcher parts
AFV Club
M4A1 Carbines with M203 Grenade launcher and ACOG Trijicon 4x monocular sight with fore grip AFV Club

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