AFV Club
leFH18M 10.5cm Howitzer
AFV Club 1:35th Scale Kit No. AF 35S24
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club
The Kit:

Following on from the leFH18 10.5cm Howitzer (kit No.AF 35050) AFV Club have released this limited addition kit of the later leFH18M 10.5cm Howitzer which is basically the same gun with wooden wheels in place of the earlier pressed steel wheels and muzzle break added to the gun.

The kit has all the plastic parts from the kit AF 35050 including the pressed steel wheels with the only difference being the parts are in olive drab plastic in this new kit.

Decal sheet
from kit AF 35050
AFV Club
Negative view showing
the white markings
AFV Club

A new sprue E contains two wood spoke wheels with separate rubber tyres that have the longitudinal tread pattern as well as new gun cradle parts with additional details from the cradle included in the original kit.

A new turned aluminium barrel is included with two part plastic muzzle brake; some minor trimming was needed on the inside of the muzzle brake halves to fit over the indentation on the end of the barrel.

Also included are two wicker charge boxes in resin to add as accessories while the decal sheet with stencil data is the same as with the first kit.

All other comments from the Kit Review and Construction Review of kit No. AF 35050 applies to this kit so I won’t go back over these here.

Additional parts on sprue D not used in this kit appear to be applicable to the leFH18/40M so this could well be a future release to complete the trilogy.


Another nice artillery piece from AFV Club with the Pak40 and probable leFH18/40M to follow that will be welcomed additions to the collection and add to AFV Club’s reputation as the artillery kings.

Highly recommended

The Sprues:

AFV Club
AFV Club
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Sprue Images
AFV ClubAFV ClubAFV ClubAFV Club
Detail Images and new parts
AFV ClubAFV Club

book Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 „Wespe“ and „Hummel-Wespe“
Nuts & Bolts Volume 33
by Joachim Baschin, Martin Block, Heinz Tippmann
soft cover
german & english texts
184 pages, 353 photos, (198 historic, 40 model, 115 modern), 40 blueprints, 13 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organsisation (KStN)

Le.F.H. 18/18M
Model Detail Photo Monograph No.16

Published by Rossagraph

Superb photo coverage of the le.FH.18/18M
Highly recommended

Polish/English text

Wings & Wheels WWII German and Soviet Field Howitzers in detail
Wings & Wheels Publications.
Special Museum Line No25
ISBN 80-86416-24-0
Published by RAK, Czech Republic.
60 pages all in colour.
It should be noted that this book features the leFH18/40 which is based on the 7.5cm Pak 40 carriage as well as having a muzzle break fitted and slightly different gun shield from the AFV Club kit.
The gun and cradle are basically the same so can be used as a reference for those details.
Allied & Axis Allied-Axis
The Photo Journal of the Second World War No.7

Ampersand Publishing.
The publishers of MMIR magazine.
Allied & Axis Allied-Axis
The Photo Journal of the Second World War No.8

Ampersand Publishing.
The publishers of MMIR magazine.
Schiffer German Light Field Artillery in World War II
Schiffer Military Books
ISBN: 0887407609
Size: 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
b/w photographs, line drawings
48 pages

Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

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