AFV Club
Sturmmörser Tiger
Interior Detail Set

AFV Club Kit #AF 35S40
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club
Following on from their recent kit of the 38cm RW61 auf Sturmmörser Tiger (kit #AF35103), AFV Club have now released this Sturmmörser Interior Detail Set designed obviously for that kit.

The Kit:
The set includes 200 parts in olive drag plastic, 16 in light cream resin, 19 etched parts and one clear part for the superstructure as well as a small instruction sheet.

Etched parts
AFV Club

The plastic parts are the usual AFV Club standard with cleanly moulded parts and just a couple of small pins marks on a few larger parts with the resin parts again cleanly cast with just the usual casting blocks to be removed. There are some small resin parts that will need care when cleaning up with the detail very well defined on the parts.

Obviously this interior set is used in conjunction with the Sturmmörser Tiger (kit #AF35103) for the mortar breech parts which does limit the sets use with other Sturmtiger kits unless that kit includes the mortar parts.

Hull Interior:
For the lower hull interior there are the torsion bar brackets in etched parts that fit over the Sturmtiger kit torsion bars as well as the large internal shock absorbers on the first suspension stations.

The large transmission and gearbox is cast in one piece with excellent details with the separate steering brake drums again with excellent detail and smaller parts for the steering wheel and mounting as well as smaller detail.

The driver’s and radio operators sets are also provided in resin as well as the driver’s foot pedals from the etched parts that are quite intricate and will need care in fitting.

There are a couple of issues with these parts as the steering wheel is the early style and incorrect for the later Tiger/Sturmtiger which has a smaller “wheel” with just two spokes instead of the four on the early wheel as included in the set.

While the gearbox/transmission and crew seats are provided you don’t get the driver’s instrument panel which is rather conspicuous by its absence given the other details provided.  

The lower floor plate for the fighting compartment is in plastic and this has nice tread plate pattern included and added to this is the mortar shell trolley made up of 20 individual plastic parts with the rollers themselves movable if you are sparing with the glue.

An interesting inclusion in the set is the full superstructure included as a clear part to replace the kit superstructure (part SA) to theoretically show off the interior after assembly if you wish?
But this is rather gimmicky as the exterior of the clear superstructure is not as nicely detailed as the kit plastic superstructure especially the large welds which are not represented well on the clear superstructure.

Clear superstructure
AFV Club

Included in the set are inner side and rear superstructure walls with nice flange and other details as well as locating holes for the interior fittings such as the mortar shell racks and smaller details. These locating holes and ridges are not included on the clear superstructure which further limits its use if you want to include the inner racks and other detail on the sidewalls.

After adding these interior walls as well as the front superstructure walls for the mortar mountings and adding the kit plastic roof there is not a lot of clear space left to actually see through, so it would be more advisable to use the kit superstructure for better detail definition.

Additional parts are provided for the mortar sights and other front plate details not included in the initial kit as well as the large bolted flanges for the superstructure sides and rear plate with the additional internal wall plates fitting perfectly inside the superstructure.

Added to the underside of the roof is the ventilator dome in plastic with moulded mesh as well as the roof mounted shell hoist made up of 21 finely moulded plastic parts that will need care during assembly.

The shell racks added to the superstructure sides are again made up of multiple small plastic parts that are quite intricate with a number of parts that look almost the same but are different so you will need to take care not to mix these up during assembly but the resulting racks will look the part.

All the remaining parts come from the initial kit and while included in the interior set instructions they are clearly indicated as coming from kit #35103 but as with that kit there are no 38cm mortar shells included.

Another detail not included is the remnants of the Tiger gun tank front plate which can still be seen at the front of the Sturmtiger fighting compartment if you want to fully represent the Sturmtiger interior.

Interior walls added to kit AF35103 superstructure.
AFV Club

There is one item conspicuous by it's absence and that is the rear fighting compartment/engine firewall at the back of the compartment meaning there is a large gap visible through to the engine bay.
This will have to be "borrowed" from another kit or built from scratch and is quite an over site leaving you a bit of work to do as the firewall is quite detailed.

This detail set provides most of the basic interior parts for the Sturmtiger with finely moulded parts for the roof hoist and shell racks as well as the nicely cast and detailed gearbox/transmission but the lack of driver’s instrument panel is rather noticeable.

The clear superstructure included seems a little wasted due to the surface details not being as good as the plastic part and as mentioned once fitting the inside walls to mount the mortar and side ammo racks there isn’t anything left to see through.

The set should be useful for added an interior to you AFV Club Sturmtiger but additional details will have to be added as well as finding some 38cm shells.

Recommended 7/10

The Sprues:

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AFV ClubAFV Club
Resin parts
AFV Club
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Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Hobbyeasy for the review kit.

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