Atelier infinite
Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041
Individual Track links

Atelier infinite Set No. 35-006
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Japanese company Atelier infinite has produced various 1:35 resin accessories for the modeller but is not generally know outside of Japan with updates including MAUS turret and tracks, E100 turret and tracks and now a set of individual track links for the Mörser Karl.

The set is designed for the Dragon Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 (kits #6179, #6181) and consists of approximately 200 individual track links in light grey resin.

Resin track links
Atelier infinite

The casting is quite good with crisp details on the links that also include the hole in the guide teeth but there is some fine resin film to be removed from the teeth holes and around some of the links plus a small square casting block to be removed from the corner of each link.

You may also have to fully open up the hole in the guide tooth with an appropriate sized drill bit with the only actual blemish in the resin being one or two small air holes in the same spot on each link but you should be able to fill these with thick cyanoacrylate.

Details of the links showing the cleanup needed and pins for clipping the links together
Atelier infiniteAtelier infinite

Assembly is straightforward as the links are designed to clip together with two small pins and corresponding holes on the links that easily clip together using a small pair of tweezers to ‘pop’ them together but you will have to handle the assembled track lengths carefully as they do tend to come apart with rough handling which is a common problem with snap together links.

Method of clipping the links together using a fine pair of tweezers
note small air hole in each link

Atelier infinite

The assembled track lengths fit perfectly around the Dragon drive sprockets and will allow you to add natural track sag when building the kit in the firing position.

While the links are designed for the Dragon Karls they can be fitted to the Trumpeter Karls (Kits #00208, #00209) with some minor thinning down of the inside of the drive teeth to fit the track drive holes in each link as they are slightly wider than the Trumpeter guide teeth width, or you could widen the drive tooth hole in each link to the inside to fit the Trumpeter sprocket.

Links around Dragon drive sprocket, note holes in the guide teeth
Atelier infinite
Resin track links (left) and Dragon links (right) around the drive sprocket
Atelier infiniteAtelier infinite

Overall a nice set of links with good details that include the guide teeth holes and correct rib pattern on the links but there is a fair bit of cleanup needed before assembly and a few air holes to fill which is offset by the simple clip together assembly.

The set has finer details than the Dragon track links and being workable will allow you to add natural sag so if you want a set of workable tracks for your Karl, these could be for you?


See the Atelier infinite website for details of available sets, it's entirely in Japanese but if you run it through a translator such as WorldLingo you can get the gist of what’s there.

Atelier infinite detail sets are available from the excellent mail order service at Rainbow Ten.

Page created 18 April 2005

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