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Tank markings of 'la Guerra Civil' the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

1:35th Decal Sheet BD-35018
Review by Peter Brown

Bison Decals

An unusual and welcome choice of subjects, this sheet covers Nationalist tanks in the Spanish Civil War with markings for 22 specific vehicles with some spare decals for other subjects.

Decals are well printed with each item on its own section of backing sheet. Subjects can be summarised as -

9 x Panzer I variants, mostly the short Ausf A with a couple of Ausf B and a Kleiner Befehlswagen and two of the Spanish-modified vehicles with enlarged turret and 20mm cannon introduced to "beef up" units with these machine-gun armed tanks. Suitable kits with be HPM - who do or have done the straight A and "Modificado" - as well as the old Italeri kit or its reboxed versions and the more recent well-received Dragon releases. These vehicles are all in the pre-WW2 three-colour schemes, a change from grey or sand tanks. All are described as Nationalist Tank Group or Spanish Foreign Legion.

7 x Italian tankettes models CV.33 and CV.35 of the Italian "Volunteer" Forces or Corpo Truppe Volontarie, including a Command tank and a Lanciaflamme flame-thrower. These are all in light red-brown and green scheme, as far as I know there are no plastic kits around in 1:35th but that may change.

6 x T-26 single-turret model 1933 tanks, in either green and sand or green and black they are also Nationalist or Spanish Foreign Legion so have red-yellow-red stripes on the turret which need to be painted on as decals for them are not provided. There are several T-26 kits around, the old Mirage ones modified from their 7TP kit and the Italeri one though these may need some work or extras to replicate the vehicles depicted. Extra items are some numbers in suitable style as well as skull and crossbones and tactical symbols.

Instructions come as two A4 sheets plus a quarter-page additional sheet. The decals are shown with cross-reference for each subject which is illustrated with black and white drawings showing the colour schemes and positions of the decals. Each has at least two views and often more with scrap views showing extra details such as the various air recognition markings on the turret tops. The smaller section shows the marking system for Spanish Foreign Legion with a table showing the various coloured triangles and circles and individual numbers.

These cover only one side of the conflict, no Republican markings are included as the T-26 are all captured machines. That small matter apart, this sheet provides some very colourful subjects and another well-produced sheet from Bison.

Subjects covered are -

Bison Decals

Highly recommended.

See the Bison Decals website for full details of this and coming decal sheets.
Thanks to Johan from Bison Decals for the review samples.

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