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Review by Terry Ashley
Blast Models
From Blast Models comes this simple canvas cover update set for the Italeri DUKW.

Consisting of just two parts cast in cream resin the parts are blemish free with only minor cleanup needed.
The main tarp is a single large casting which also incorporates the side panels from the rear DUKW cargo compartment. (Kit parts 20a, 21a and 22a which are no longer needed). The tarp is cast ‘hollow’ but the insides don’t have any details included but there is only a small opening at the front after assembly so this shouldn’t pose a problem, even less if you add a good load in the back.

The canvas cover has nice fold effects on both ends and side panels although a couple of the larger folds look a little ‘rigid’ and the rear compartment panel has nice details included. There is what appears to be small air bubble holes on the rear panel but these are actually under the surface and will disappear with a coat of paint so check this before reaching for the filler. You will have to provide your own thin “rope” tie downs but overall the effect is quite convincing.

Blast Models

The front cab cover is depicted folded and features simple but effective folds and securing straps.

The whole resin canvas cover and side panels are designed to simply slip into the main Italeri kit upper hull (part 1a) and on my example this fit was spot on with a “tight” fit on both sides and back which meant there ware no gaps of any sort to deal with. There was a very small gap between the right side wall and front superstructure of less than 1mm while the left side fitted perfectly. The forward compartment bulkhead (Kit part 23a) is fitted inside the resin side walls and some minor trimming was needed on part 23a to get a snug fit.
The front cover simply fits into indentations on the forward resin side panels to make this one of the simplest resin updates to fit to the target kit.

Along with the Blast Models DUKW update set released earlier this will nicely dress up your DUKW, recommended.

Blast Models

The update set was ordered direct from the Blast Models website and the turnaround time was good with an e-mail notification received when the set was sent.

Page created 8 February 2003

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