Bronco Models
Pz.Kpfw.II Workable Track Links
Bronco Models Kit No. AB3513
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


Bronco Models have released this set of individual link workable track links suitable for the Panzer II Ausf.A, B, C, F, Bison, Marder II and Wespe kits which are too numerous to list here.

The kit:

The set has 36 sprues in black plastic with 6 track links per sprue for a total of 216 links allowing the two track runs of 108 links each plus about 20 spare links.

The links are finely moulded with delicate detail that includes the indentations in the guide teeth as well as the links being handed with the track pin on the outside extending further out than the pin on the inside of each link.

Each sprue has 3 left side links and 3 right side links so you have to watch this after removing the links so you don't mix these up during assembly. The links are identified on the sprue as F and L which is rather strange as the one marked L is actually the right side link and I'm not sure what the F means? The instructions on the back of the box don't mention the different handed links or what the F and L means so it's left to the modeller to notice the different links for left and right.

Link sprues
Bronco Models

As the links are quite delicate you have to take care when cutting them from the sprues and in cleaning up the three sprue burs on each kink with this being the only cleanup required on the links. Although this does take a while you get into a rhythm while trimming as anyone used to individual links will know.

Details of the track links
Bronco Models

Each link has two small locating pins and two corresponding locating holes and fit together in the same manner as other clip together track links. Due to the delicate links assembly will need care to avoid any damage with you firstly slipping one pin in place and with very slight outward pressure clip the other pin in place.

You need to take extreme care here because if you flex the link too much you will damage the link itself and due to the delicate links there was a bit of attrition so the extra 20 links will come in handy.

You also need to take care that you assembly the appropriate links for the left and right track runs as mentioned above.

Tracks assembly as per text
Bronco Models

The assembled track runs are quite flimsy and tended to come apart with only light handling although they do articulate nicely after assembly. I would recommend actually gluing the links together with liquid cement once you have formed them around the drive sprocket and idlers wheels as well as added the appropriate track sag between the return rollers. This will ensure they don't come apart during painting and handling but will still retain the fine detail of the assembled track runs.

I test fitted the track links to the Dragon and Tamiya Panzer II/Marder/Wespe kit drive sprockets and the fit was spot on for all making for a quick and easy update.

Tracks fitted to Dragon Marder II kit drive sprocket
Note the longer track pin bolt is positioned to the outside of the left track run in this case.
The handed right side track would see the longer pin on the outside also.

Bronco Models


This set of individual link track has delicate detail with very little cleanup other than the three sprue attachment burs but care is needed during cleanup and assembly due to the finesse of the links.

The assembled track runs are quite fragile and it's recommended to glue these together after fitting to the kit to avoid problems with the handed detail on the links adding nice definition to the target kit tracks.

Highly recommended 7.5/10

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AFV Super Detail Photo Vol.7

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Panzers I and II and their Variants:
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Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

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