Bronco Models
Challenger 2 MBT Workable Track Link Set
Bronco Models Kit No. AB3523
1:35 Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


This track set from Bronco Models is for the British Challenger 2 MBT and can be used with either the Tamiya Challenger 2 (kit #35274) or the Trumpeter Challenger 2 (kits #00308, 00323, 00345).

All the 8 track sets released to date assemble in a similar manner as described below differing only in the detail applicable the track type being depicted.

The Kit:

The set has 7 sprues with 72 parts in light beige plastic on each for a total of 504 parts with the standard of moulding being extremely good. There are no pin marks and only very fine mould seam lines which really don't need any attention at all, the only cleanup needed is the sprue attachment points which will require a little time given the number of parts to be removed and trimmed.

Each tack link consists of 3 parts, the upper and lower track shoe/pad section and the central track pin and end connector part. This has the full width track pins moulded quite thin and care will be needed during cleanup of the sprue burs to avoid any damage.

The 3 parts per link, top and reverse views
Bronco Models

Each track run consists of 78 links (234 parts) for a total of 468 parts for the two track runs leaving enough for 12 spare track links or to cover any damaged parts. Just to clear up what may be confusing on the box where it says "2 sets needed". This actually means 2 track runs of 86 links each (left/right) not 2 actual track sets.

The detail on the links is extremely well done with the end connectors, track pad/shoe and guide teeth details matching the photos of the real tracks very well. The lack of pin marks on the tracks is also noteworthy as this is often an issue with individual plastic track links, as the track links are in two parts any pins marks are on the inside hidden from view after assembly.


As mentioned the most tedious part of the assembly is the sprue bur cleanup with 2 on each of the track link part and 3 on each track pin/end connector part and with 468 parts for the 2 track runs, that's quite a bit of cleanup.

There are 24 links on each sprue and it may be easier to cleanup and assemble each sprues 24 links as you go to avoid going completely insane cleaning up the whole lot in one operation, but thats up to you really.

Assembly is actually very straightforward really, you firstly lay two track pin parts over the outer pad section, make sure you have the end connectors facing the right way as indicated in the instructions. You then trap the two pins with the inner track/guide pin section, be very careful with the application of the glue to ensure you don't glue the pin in the process.

Assembly of each track link and 2 track pins
Bronco Models

I found it easier to assemble multiple sub-assemblies of the 2 pins and 1 track link and then join each of the sub-assembles to form the full track run, but you could just as easy do it one link at a time if you wish. The assembled track links articulate very freely, providing you are careful with the glue but maybe a little too freely given they represent "live" track that doesn't have track sag.

Fitting each link together to form the track runs
Bronco Models
Bronco Models

The actual track has gaps between the links which is represented on the assembled track but the links tend to "stretch" out a little under tension expanding the gaps further and this has implications when fitting the track links around the Challenger 2 kit drive sprockets.

The fit to the Tamiya Challenger 2 drive sprockets is not as snug as with previous Bronco track sets due to the expanded gaps and some minor trimming may be needed? The other alternative is to glue the links together that go around the sprocket so they don't stretch out making for a better fit.

Assembly tracks around the Tamiya C2 drive sprockets
The fit between the drive teeth is not as snug as it could be due to the excessive gaps
between the links (left) and and after the links have been glued together to as per text (right).

Bronco Models

The fit to the Trumpeter C2 drive sprockets is not very good either due to the oversized drive teeth on the sprocket and some trimming may be needed.

Rear view of links around Tamiya C2 sprocket showing the gaps between the links on the initial track assembly. (left)
Assembly tracks around the Trumpeter C2 drive sprockets (right)
The fit is not good at all due to the oversized drive teeth and trimming would be in order.
Also note the difference in detail definition of the respective kit drive sprockets and wheels

Bronco Models
Assembly tracks around the Tamiya C2 front idler wheels, there's not much that
can go wrong at the front on both kits.

Bronco Models

The main thing to remember is most all Modern Western Tank tracks are "live" track which means there is little or no track sag on the upper track run, as opposed to the "dead" track on Russian type AFVs which have noticeable track sag between the road wheels/return rollers as did German track of WWII. Live track tends to curl inwards due to the design of the link bushings and this curling effect results in the lack of sag on the upper track runs.

The assembled track runs are very nicely detailed and are a considerable improvement over the vinyl track included in the Trumpeter kits for an excellent appearance.


The instructions are simple exploded view drawings on the back of the box along with some CAD images of the assembled track links to help in proper assembly.

As mentioned it is essential to make sure you fit the pins/end connectors with the correct orientation and checking this carefully in the assembly drawings beforehand will avoid any problems.


This is another superbly moulded and detailed set of workable track links for the Challenger 2 with the assembled track runs really improving the overall look of the kit. The only issue being the excessive gaps between the links when the tracks are stretched out resulting in the minor fit issues around kit kit sprockets.

The cleanup of the many individual link parts could become quite tedious but the assembly of the links themselves after cleanup is quite quick and easy, just be careful with the glue.

Highly Recommended

The Sprues:

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Bronco Models
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Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

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