Bronco Models
Valentine Infantry Tank
Workable Track Link Set

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. AB3536
Review by Terry Ashley


Bronco Models have released this set of individual working track links designed for the Miniart Valentine Tank kits as a replacement for the glue together kit links.

The Kit:
The set consists of 18 sprues in the light beige plastic with 12 links per sprue for a total of 216 links, the kit instructions indicate 101 links per side that's 202 links required which leaves 14 links for attrition or to use as spare links as required.

Bronco Models

The standard of moulding in top drawer with no flash and just three sprue attachment burs for the only cleanup required. Detail on the kinks is also excellent with the gap at the base of each guide tooth fully opened out and very small casting numbers included on each link.

Bronco Models

Each link has two small pins on one side and locating holes on the other side of each link being designed to clip together to form the track runs and just to clarify a note on the box that says "2 sets needed". This means the two track runs (left and right) not that you need 2 sets of tracks for your kit.

Assembly is the standard method for this type of track where you insert one pin into the next link and then clip the other pin into place to make the join, unfortunately it's not that straightforward with this set.

Bronco Models

Both the pins are the same size and there's not much "give" in the links so it's quite difficult to actually clip the links together. If you just try and apply pressure to clip the pin into place it will simply snap off the pin as there is little clearance between the links.

The method I used was to lay the pin on one link over the next and using a pair of fine stout tweezers apply pressure out and down over the edge of the link hole. You need a good grip of the link and the tweezers will leave some small marks afterwards but these are on the inside of the link so won't be noticeable after assembly. I assembled all 24 links for the review track run using this method without mishap but it is a tricky operation.

Bronco Models

If you do snap off a pin you can simply glue the links together and use for the ground or top runs as there is minimal track sag on the top run and the desert version has sand shields fitted.

Assembled track runs, note scuff marks on the links in bottom photo from the tweezers used in assembly.
this will be hidden after painting and fitting to the model.
Bronco Models

The assembled track articulate freely and is quite robust due to the pin size provided care is taken assembling the links as above. They will simulate the minimal track sag on the top run very realistically as well as fitting very snugly around the Miniart Valentine drive sprocket.

Bronco Models

This is an excellent set of replacement workable tracks for the Valentine with very well defined detail on the links themselves that includes the fine casting numbers as well as having just the sprue attachment burs to clean up prior to assembly.

Fitting the links together to be workable is not the easiest task but once the technique required is mastered they go together well to add a noticeable step up in detail from the kit racks.

Rating: 8.5/10

Thanks to my credit card and Hobbyeasy for the review kit.

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