Opel Blitz

1/35 Kit #35016
Review by Terry Ashley

Image of finished model courtesy Calibre35
With the shortage of gasoline in Germany during WWII many vehicles were converted to run using wood gas generators (Holzgas) systems, this required the fitting of a wood burning generator, precipitating tank, radiator and associated plumbing.

The Kit:
This set is designed for any of the Italeri or Revell Opel Blitz truck kits and consists of 19 resin parts cast in light cream resin cast to the usual high standards from Calibre35.

Apart from the casting blocks there is no other cleanup needed except for a casting seam down one side of the large gas generator (part 3), take care here as there is also a nice weld seam down the opposite side of the gas generator which should be there so don't remove this as well as the seam.

There are some modifications needed on the target kit to take the new parts such as cutting out part of the wood planking on the rear truck bed to fit the gas generator and you get a new right angled section of wood planking to fit to the modified kit parts. At the front, holes have to be drilled through the fenders for the piping and it would be better to fit the front precipitating tank (part 15) in place before drilling the fender holes so the pipes can be lined up correctly.

Apart from these modifications construction should be straightforward with the instructions show the work needed and locations of the piping which runs from the gas generator to the front precipitating tank and back to the engine which is good as most of the piping is visible on the finished model.


This is a nicely detailed set that would make a nice variation to your standard truck and the surgery needed should be within the capabilities of most modellers.


Thanks again to Gilles from Blast Models for the usual quick delivery of my order.

Page Created 8 October 2003

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