1/35th #3003 M-998 HUMMER Engine and Accessories
Review by Terry Ashley

This set is designed for the Tamiya or Academy kits.
There are three pieces to this set. The first piece, again a fairly large casting, is the full engine which includes the engine with all the major fittings, piping and numerious smaller and wires.The second piece is the radiator and associated fittings, including the lifting rings that extend through the hood when closed. The third piece is a small hose that connects from the engine to the radiator. The only surgery needed is to remove the carby intake segment from the kit hood. Again the detail is unbelievable.
The pieces fit into the kit chassis, they are designed to fit without modifying the kit parts (some small trimming may be needed, test fit first).

Again, it is not expensive, only AUD$15.00. That's good value given the prices of some resin stuff these days.
Verlinden do a number of Hummer detail sets and now with this set you can do the full detail thing, again highly recommended.

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