Panther G update set
Cyber-Hobby 1:35 Scale Smart Kit #3833
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y Terry Ashley
The Set:
This update set from Dragon released under the cyber-hobby label is designed specifically for the Dragon Sd.Kfz.171 Panther G Late Production kit #6268 and consists of two etched frets, a metal 75mm barrel, a piece of brass tube for the barrel cleaning rod container and ten thin aluminium Schuerzen plate segments plus a small decal sheet.

Of interest is that the two etched frets are actually marked kit #6268 so may have started life in the design of the full kit and then the decision made to release it as a separate set in the Cyber–hobby update set range, not that it makes much difference at the end of the day.

The aluminium barrel simply replaces the kit plastic kit barrel which you have to fit between the two gun breech halves in step 12 of the Panther G instructions and then fit the plastic muzzle brake also from the Panther G kit.

The brass tube for the barrel cleaning rod container replaces the plastic kit parts with additional etched mounting brackets including fine chain to secure the end caps. The retaining chain for the barrel travel lock is provided in multiple parts that you sandwich together to make either the closed or open travel lock.

All the tool clips are included and you have to cut off the moulded on clips from the kits parts to add the etched items and the large tool bracket frame on both sides of the hull is also included but you have to cut off the three locating posts from the kit brackets and attach these to the etched parts.

The open sliding shutters for the engine deck intakes are also included as etched parts as are the rear hull tow cable brackets and the spare track brackets and clips for the rear hull sides plus the muffler hull brackets and the fine chain for the glacis machine gun mounting plug.

Also included are the ten thin aluminium Schuerzen plate segments to add to the kit mountings if you want and on the turret there is the poison gas sensing card brackets, the sight on the front of the cupola and the compass mounting on the turret roof.

Finally there is a small decal sheet with markings for two additional unidentified Panther Gs to offer alternatives to the kit markings.

The set has all the metal parts previously found in Dragon kits but does give you the choice of just buying the main kit if you are not into metal part or get this update to add the extra detail.

Recommended for those wanted to add additional details to their Panther kit without waiting for the inevitable updates from the likes of ABER, armorscale, Lion Roar and Voyager.

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