T-34/76 No.112 Factory "Krasnoe Sormovo"
Early Production

Cyberhobby Kit No. 6452
1:35th Scale

Hull details
Alternate rear hull plates and intake covers
Steps in adding the etched screen mesh and frame to rear engine access hatch
Kit hatch with cut-out and final assembly with mesh and frame added
Note, the mesh and frame are larger than the hatch cut-out resulting in a little overlap as
seen at bottom of image.

Inner etched panel and louvers added after removing the moulded on bolts and trimming plastic strip for better fit
of panel as marked with arrow in left image.
Good overall fit of hull parts including the engine access hatches and intake grills.

Image showing good fit of rear hull panels
Exhaust pipes (parts M6) drilled out for better appearance
Left image shows drilled pipe while right image shows unaltered kit part.
Also note the ridge (weld seam) along the top of the exhaust pipe which should be there.

Hull front showing notched front panel welds and revised tow shackles with undersized retaining bracket.
Also note all steel idler and etched head light mount resulting in hole in glacis to be filled.
If fenders are to be left off the inside corner of the hull cut-out should be rounded and not square as depicted.
Aerial pot locating hole to be filled as this is not applicable to this version.


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