Firefly VC
Dragon Kit #6182
1:35th Scale

The figures included with the Firefly kit are a nice bonus and consist of two full figures, one infantryman and one tank crew member both wearing late war uniforms made up of 21 parts in the same light grey plastic as the kit.

The infantryman figure has separate upper torso, legs, arms, head and helmet with all personal gear and ammo packs also separate parts. The detail on the uniform is excellent with very nicely rendered fabric folds as well as seams on the legs. The facial features are also very nice although the helmet strap is a little over scale. No weapons are included but it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to arm him with?

The tanker wears the late war pixie suit with again excellent details with separate upper torso, legs, arms and head with beret included and nice facial features. The hood of the pixie suit is also separate as is the side pistol holster and binoculars. The uniform details are very well done with again nice fabric folds and pocket details with the trouser seams also there.


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Page created 28 November 2003

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