T-34-76 German Army
Dragon Kit No. 6185
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Following on from their T-34-76 Mod.1940 and the T-34-76 Mod.1941 kits is this third kit in the T-34-76 series that depicts a captured vehicle modified for German Army use. Only a very few Model 1941 T-34s were modified with the inclusion of the Panzer III/IV cupola with the majority of these types being on the Model 1943 T-34 and the recent conversion from MiG Productions is available for that version.

The kit has the same basic sprues from the earlier kits as well as two new sprues, P and Q plus a small clear sprue R, a metal barrel and new decal sheet for the German Army version and all comments from the previous kits apply here so I will just concentrate on the new parts.

All the parts from the Model 1941 kit #6205 is still included so you can build a standard T-34 if you wish or just add the minor details and markings for the majority of Model 1941 T-34s in German Service which retained the original turret hatch layout.

New German Army parts:

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The new sprue P contains the additional storage boxes and racks seen on the side of some of these vehicles as well as the NOTEK light and separate mount for the front fender and the German tail light for the rear as well as a selection of German tools such as a eight part jack with separate mounting brackets although these are way over scale but can easily be replaced with etched items thanks to being moulded separate. There is also a wire cutter, shovel and two crowbars all with the mounting clips moulded on.

Sprue Q has a multi-part Panzer III/IV style cupola and I have to say this is the best rendition of this cupola I have seen in plastic with only some resin cupolas having better details.

There are separate vision blocks in the open or closed position and interior vision block mountings as well as separate clear plastic vision blocks and separate hatches with nice detail on both sides with separate locking latch as well as the sighting vane fitted to the turret roof in front of the cupola.

The cupola itself is made up of three parts, the lower mounting plate that fits to the modified turret hatch, the centre section with cut-outs for the separate vision blocks and the top hatch ring with the fit of the parts being superb, in fact the parts in the image below of the assembled cupola are not glued except for hatch ring with the internal vision block mountings fitting tightly together holding each other in place and the lower mounting ring clipping in place due to the 'W' lugs that fit between the vision block housings. The top hatch ring has three offset locating pins to ensure it is fitted with the correct orientation and in all a very well engineered and detailed cupola.

Cupola parts and close-up of vision blocks detail
Dragon Dragon
View showing fit of interior vision block mountings and assembled cupola
Clear vision blocks

The new metal barrel simply replaces the plastic item which is still included in the kit if you want to use this and all other parts are as the Model 1941 kit including the engine deck frame with separate etched screen and metal wire tow cables.


These are still in the photo format as with the other T-34 kits which is unfortunate as they are simply not as easy to follow as conventional line drawing instructions and this shows with the cupola assembly which is very vague in showing the correct direction the vision ports so take care you don’t fit these upside down with the small latch on each block being at the top.

The Decals:
The small decal sheet has markings for two vehicles, both in a winter whitewash scheme with separate paint section decals to fit under the crosses as depicted on the vehicles.
Both schemes are noted as “unknown units” on the instructions but one is from the 98th Infantry Division and is probably the most photographed Model 1941 with cupola and was also seen at some stage without the cupola fitted so you have a choice here in the final finish.

Images of the vehicles on the sheet show minor modifications to the front and rear fenders from the standard fenders and these can easily be incorporated in the models if you have the references but would not be really missed if built as they come.


As with the previous T-34 kits this is an excellent rendition of the basic vehicle and being able to build the kit as a standard T-34 as well as with the excellent cupola could see as many sales to Allied modellers as to Axis modellers just to get the cupola.

The Sprues:

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